The Falcon In Mexico (1944)

the falcon in mexico 1944

Entertaining entry in the series as The Falcon goes to Mexico in pursuit on an art forger….or maybe the real artist is still alive.

Tom “The Falcon” Lawrence (Tom Conway) sees a woman trying to break into an art gallery. She’s Dolores Ybarra. She says she’s an artist and there’s a painting of hers inside that was stolen from her. Turns out it was really painted by Humphrey Wade, an artist who has been dead for fifteen years. It’s a portrait of Dolores. Since she’s twenty-five the numbers don’t add up. The body of the art dealer with a bullet in him doesn’t help matters.

A private security firm shows up and Dolores takes off through a window. Tom uses some trickery to escape. He heads to the home of Lucky “Diamond” Hughes (Emory Parnell). He collects Wade paintings and says the one of Dolores is the real deal and he bought it for twenty-one thousand dollars. Hughes tells him to go see Wade’s daughter Barbara. He leaves and takes the painting with him.

Tom breaks into Barbara’s (Martha Vickers) apartment and waits for her. He searches a desk and finds newspaper articles about the sale of the painting. Now Barbara comes home. She thinks her father is still alive. Tom decides to go to Mexico City and check the story out and Barbara goes with him.

In Mexico Barbara takes an opportunity to get away from him. Watching is driver,guide and anything else you’ll need Manuel (Nester Paiva). He says he knows where she went and says he’ll take Tom there. It’s an Inn two hundred miles away. When they get there Tom convinces Paula the manager that the room reserved for Hughes is actually for him.

He spots Barbara watching the nightclub show in another room. She says the Inn is where her father worked and lived. The dance team working there are her stepmother Raquel (Mona Maris) and her new husband  Anton. He warns Tom to leave.

The next day Paula shows Tom and Barbara Wade’s studio. Barbara senses her father is in the next room and Tom goes in and finds a painting in Wade’s style that hasn’t dried yet. Paula says it’s her work and there’s no law against imitating someone’s work. Tom goes back to his room and there’s Dolores searching for her painting. She eludes Tom and he’s hit over the head and the painting is stolen.

Dolores is the daughter of a rich rancher and Manuel, who has a habit of always turning up, drives Tom there. Her father thinks she’s still in the states. Her boat is missing and they go to look for her. Some villagers are carrying the body of a drowning victim. It’s Dolores.

Back in his room Tom sees Manuel going through his suitcase. He fires him. Later that night in the dining room Barbara is poisoned. She’ll recover and Tom continues to try and uncover what’s been going on. The solution may be obvious but it is fun getting there.



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