Fourteen Hours (1951)

fourteen hours 1951

A lot of familiar names in a good one featuring an excellent performance from Paul Douglas. Instead of a soundtrack driving the movie Douglas’ acting does it instead. There’s also a brief appearance from Grace Kelly. It’s all about a man on a ledge threatening to jump and Douglas is the cop who tries to talk him back in.

A room service waiter (Frank Faylen) delivers an order to a room on the fifteenth floor. When he goes to get the check out of his pocket the man in the room has disappeared. The window’s open. He’s on the ledge. The waiter calls the manager. On the street, traffic cop Charlie Dunnigan (Paul Douglas) spots him and calls it in.

Dunnigan rushes up to the room in disguise and tries to talk the man. Robert Cosick (Richard Basehart) back in. Deputy Chief Moskar (Howard da Silva) arrives with a bunch of cops and tells Donnigan to go back to the street.

It’s a circus. Traffic isn’t going anywhere. Donnigan tells a woman in a cab (Grace Kelly) she’ll have to walk. Two psychiatrists, including Dr.Strauss (Martin Gable) are sent up. They don’t have any luck. Cosick will only talk with Dunnigan. On the street a stock boy named Danny (Jeffrey Hunter) uses the opportunity to chat up Ruth (Debra Paget).

While Dunnigan talks with Cosick the cops trace his parents and get them to come down. They’re separated and right away Mrs.Cosick(Agnes Moorhead) starts in on her husband Paul. Robert doesn’t want to talk to her but she rushes to the window and starts babying him She tells him Virginia doesn’t think he’s sick. He wants her out of there. A little later she holds a press conference.

Robert tells Dunnigan he has no idea who Virginia is. He finds out that she’s Robert’s fiancee and is currently living in Connecticut. Arrangements are made to bring her in. On the street cab drivers (Harvey Lembeck is one of them) are making bets on when he’ll jump.

Now Virginia (Barbara Bel Geddes) arrives. The movie strays into the corn field for a bit but it doesn’t take away from it.

Other actors to spot in real quick appearances are: Jeff Corey, Leonard Bell, Richard Beymer, John Cassavetes, Ossie Davis, Brad Dexter, Leif Erickson, Brian Keith and Joyce Van Patten.

TV sitcom fans know Frank Faylen as Dobie’s father Herbert T.Gillis on “The Many Loves Of Dobie Gillis” (1959-63).

TV western fans know Jeffrey Hunter as the title character in “Temple Houston” (1963-64).






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