Cairo Road (1950)

cairo road 1950

Good crime movie filmed in and around Cairo with Eric Portman and Laurence Harvey as British cops out to bring down a major drug dealer.

The body of a murdered Arab starts Colonel Youssef Bey (Eric Portman) and Lt.Mourad (Laurence Harvey) on the trail of smugglers who deal in hash and opium. A huge shipment is coming in via a ship and they want the five passengers held on board.

Bey arrested a major dealer, Edouardo Pavlis. He’s due to be released the next day and Bey knows he’ll make a beeline for his brother Rico. Bey holds up his release. To show how serious all this is Bey takes Mourad to a mental hospital where a former doctor is now an inmate with his mind just about gone. They get a lead on the ship.

A morse code message is sent to the ship to confine the passengers but two of them, Mr.Humble (Harold Lang) and Mr.Lombardi overhear it. Also on board is Anna, a smuggler. Someone hits her over the head. In the hospital just before she dies she tells Bey the shipment will come in three ways. One is on the ship and he manages to get some of it. The second will be coming through Suez.

Bey, Mourad and a large group of cops head there. The drugs are smuggled inside camels and a detector exposes which ones. That night the smugglers arrive to pick up the shipment and are surprised by the police. Lombardi jumps in a car and gets away. He runs over a young cop during the getaway.

Mourad jumps in a car and chases him. Lombardi manages to get into town and meet Rico. He makes a very dumb move. Mourad isn’t too bright either. He’ll get a chance to redeem himself. Now Edouardo has finally been released from prison.

This is a real good one and if you’re looking for something different in the crime genre check it out. Portman and Harvey give excellent performances and the Egyptian locale makes it one to see.

Eric Portman usually played Germans. He appeared in one of my favorite movies, 1965’s “The Bedford Incident” as Commodore Wolfgang Schrepke Deutsche Marine.


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