The Richard Boone Show (1963-64)

the richard boone show

Anthology series hosted by Richard Boone and featuring a repertory company in sixty minutes dramas. Boone starred in a good number of them. Strange that it only lasted one season considering the heavy hitters associated with it.  Robert Blake is a member of the troupe. The theme music is by Henry Mancini and episode music is by Bernard Herrmann. The story supervisor is Clifford Odets.

Opening episode:September 24,1963 – “Statement Of Fact” – John Bradford (Ford Rainey) is the assistant to Deputy D.A. Chris Dale (Richard Boone). He goes to his house late one night to let him know that ax murderess Ellen Randle Dudley (Bethel Leslie) has been arrested and is being held by Sheriff Morrow (Warren Stevens). He’s been in office twenty-two years and isn’t about to let an Assistant D.A. from out of the district interview his prisoner. Chris is too ambitious to take no for an answer. He knows a successful prosecution could get him elected D.A.

His long suffering wife Ann (Jeanette Nolan) tries to keep their marriage together but Chris is tempermental and doesn’t have a lot of time for her. He figures he’s given her a fine home with a couple servants and that’s enough. He and John take off for the jail.

Chris runs into a mob of reporters (including Lloyd Bochner and Guy Stockwell). He bulls his way past them and into the sheriff’s office. Deputy Thayer (Harry Morgan) was supposed to stop anyone from coming in but Chris is too much. Morrow tries to play hardball but Chris isn’t taking no for an answer and calls the local judge to get the proper paperwork. Thayer was sent to pick up the judge and bring him down to represent Sheriff Morrow. He sucks up to Chris and says he told the judge to stay in bed. Chris tells Morrow who suspends Thayer.

Chris gets his way and talks to Ellen. Bradford takes notes and sets up a tape recorder. Ellen hasn’t had any sleep for days and Morrow tries to get Chris to go easy. He quietly bears down. Ellen is just too tired. Later on she feels better and confesses that she did it while she and Chris are alone. He starts the tape and she goes through everything that happened.

Soon the interrogation takes a turn and Ellen is making Chris see the parallels between Ellen’s marriage and his. This leads to a moment that’ so ridiculous that the whole thing almost crashes and burns. What saves it is Boone’s strong performance. It’s a must see for his fans and any fan of good acting. Kudos also to Bethel Leslie who was nominated for an Emmy. The winner was Shelly Winters for “Two Is The Number”, an episode of “Bob Hope Presents The Chrysler Theatre.”



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