Space Probe-Taurus (1965)

space probe-taurus 1965

It doesn’t get much worse than this. Sky high boredom factor that kills any chance of a decent movie. In a word…terrible.

Faith 1 runs into trouble. The ship is full of gas and radiation. The surviving Captain tells Earth control to blow it up. KABOOM! He gets his wish and is now so many atoms.

Moving on to the year 2000. Hope 1 lifts off. with a crew of four. Colonel Hank Stevens (James B.Brown) is really steamed that of all things to have along….a woman! Of course Dr.Lisa Wayne (Francine York) does fill out a spacesuit rather nicely. Dr John Andros (Baynes Barron) sure takes notice. Dr.Paul Martin (Russ Bender) tries to keep him focused. Good luck on that.

In its travels it spots an alien ship. Earth control tells them to intercept and board since attempts at communication go nowhere. Guess the aliens haven’t learned English yet. John and Hank use what look like steam powered tanks to go over there.

Inside it’s obvious the aliens budget is even lower that the designers of Hope 1. Looks like nobody’s there. Think again. An alien shows up and he doesn’t like company. He attacks John. Hank has no choice but to draw his pistol and gun him down. (What???? No ray gun????).

They go back to the ship. The decision is made to destroy the alien vessel. Hank goes back and plants a bomb. Ten minutes later..KABLOOEY! That’ll teach those unsociable critters to get some manners.

Now there’s a long sequence of innocuous dialogue. This is a perfect time to make some phone calls or walk around the block. You won’t miss a thing. By the time you start paying attention again there’ll be a meteor shower that wins the honor of worst special effects.

Our heroes get through it only to pick up speed. Why? Because. That’s why. Paul and John shut down the computers and switch to manual. That gives Hank and Lisa time to get all warm and fuzzy. Forgetting their earlier clash they start making out. Looks like Hank is glad to have a woman on board after all.

Now they’ve found a place to land. Hopefully there will be a gas station with a mechanic on duty so they can make repairs. No such luck. They land at the bottom of an ocean. Some giant crabs are glad to see them but keep their distance.

John puts on some SCUBA gear and heads up top to check out what if anything lives on the land. He doesn’t notice the hostile humanoid that’s keeping an eye on him. He gets ashore and starts exploring. The budget didn’t allow for a camera to follow him.

On his way back to the ship the creature finally attacks. Aliens just don’t like this guy. Now the crabs are getting restless. Now I’m getting restless. Will this thing ever end? Anyone connected with this that had even a fleeting thought that there was any entertainment value here has hopefully found another career.

Francine York has had a long career in movies and TV. She was seen in 2012 on TV Land’s “Hot In Cleveland.” She played Natalie in the episode”What’s Behind The Door?”

James B.Brown played Detective Harry McSween on “Dallas” (1979-88).


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