Invasion,U.S.A. (1952)

invasion u.s.a. 1952

Cold War paranoia at its zenith. The invading forces are known as The Enemy…but we all know who they really are. Gerald Mohr and Peggy Castle have the most embarrassing dialogue of their careers. One minor item of interest….the movie has Phyllis Coates and Neil Neill in minor parts. Both had a run as Lois Lane in “The Adventures Of Superman.”

Vince Potter (Gerald Mohr) is a TV reporter. He drops into a New York City bar to take a poll about a universal draft. Carla Sanford (Peggy Castle) and tractor manufacturer George Sylvester are two customers. Vince asks the question and also asks Carla for her phone number. (This guy is an operator). Ed Mulfory, a cattle baron from Arizona is hoisting a few.

Illinois Congressman Arthur V.Harroway is handing out cigars and blabbing about how the public is against the Commies but not prepared for war. Goofy Tim is the bartender. Watching all this is Mr.Ohman (as in omen..nudge-nudge) (Dan O’Herlihy).  He says America needs new leaders and has to learn how to look after itself. He does something with his brandy glass and then leaves.

Tim turns up the TV. The Enemy (these are the guys with some of the worst Russian accents you’ll ever hear) are flying over Alaska. Now they’re dropping paratroopers into Puget Sound. Now along with conventional bombs here come the A-Bombs.

George and Ed go to the airport. All flights to anywhere are booked for weeks. Then again there are a few tickets left for George’s home town, San Francisco. George and Ed go there and Ed figures he’ll drive to Phoenix from there. The Golden Gate Bridge is A-bombed. George goes to his plant while Ed takes the cab to Arizona.

A spy at the plant helps The Enemy take it over. George does his best but is gunned down. Ed picks up his family but Boulder Dam is A-bombed and the water overtakes the cab. That’s it for them.

Back in New York Carla is a Red Cross nurse and Vince keeps volunteering and keeps getting turned down. Too many volunteers, not enough weapons. Now New York is bombed and Tim is toast. Peggy goes back to her place. Vince joins her. The Enemy breaks in.

The movie is loaded with stock footage of air and sea battles and troop drops. Considering the script they needed all the help they could get. The ending is no surprise.


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