Dick Barton At Bay (1950)

dick barton at bay 1950

Third and last of the movies based on the popular radio show. Don Stannard returns as Barton and George Ford takes over the part of his sidekick Snowey White. The big villain this time is Serge Volkoff played by Meinhart Maur. This time Barton has to stop the bad guys from using a death ray.

Phillips (Patrick MacNee) of the war office is supposed to be guarding professor Mitchell. The bad guys are onto him and he makes a call to Barton. Barton hears a gun shot. That’s it for Phillips. When Barton and Snowey get to the phone box all they see is a hand print with three fingers.

Professor Mitchell has invented a ray that can knock down enemy planes and Serge Volkoff wants it for his country. He manages to kidnap Mitchell and his sweet and innocent daughter Mary. Serge’s daughter Anna isn’t so sweet and innocent.

Barton and Snowey are having a cuppa when they see a hand with three fingers. They follow the man to the bad guys. They overhear Serge order his henchman Chang to kill Barton. Our hero sets it up to make Chang think he put a bullet in him.

Barton and Snowey sneak back to the bad guys hideout and jump into a lorry that takes them seaside. Snowey is thirsty and wants to tap a barrel labeled Brandy. Turns out what’s really inside is diesel oil. Not very tasty.

The oil is for a waiting submarine. Meanwhile Serge and his minions have taken Mitchell and Mary to a lighthouse. They also have the death ray. Defense commanders from the west are due to fly over and Serge wants to knock them out of the sky. As a test of the apparatus he knocks down a mail plane first.

It’s up to our heroes to stop World War Three. The movie has some of the lamest fight scenes ever. Overall it’s a slow moving bore in what’s supposed to be a comic book type action presentation. Miss this and you miss nothing.

One interesting thing is the part of Phillips. It’s played by Patrick MacNee who went on to fame as John Steed in “The Avengers” (1961-69).

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