Dick Barton, Special Agent (Dick Barton,Detective) (1948)

dick barton,special agent 1948

Terrible is too kind a word for this slapstick adaption of the popular radio show. This is the first of three movies in the series. The second, “Dick Barton Strikes Back” is the one to see. Avoid this one and the third, “Dick Barton At Bay.” Don Stannard is Barton and George Ford is his sidekick Snowey White.

Barton is assigned to go undercover to a seaside village to check out a smuggling ring. Snowey and their friend, the bagpipe playing Jock, go with them.

In the village are fish factors Roscoe and Regan. They have a parcel for Barton and one for the evil Dr.Caspar. He’s undercover with escaped Nazi Schuler masquerading as Swedish scientists. Their lobster parcel ends up at Barton’s. When Dick and his friends start to dig in they find jewelery and a small metal caniste.

Roscoe promises Schuler and Caspar that he can kill Barton since he’s an expert shot. Roscoe gets his sniper rifle and opens up on Barton while he’s passing in a car. Barton plays dead. Imagine Roscoe’s surprised when Barton turns up alive and well.  Time for plan B. Roscoe’s next try is with a poison dart in the pub. That doesn’t work either and Schuler and Caspar are getting real annoyed.

After the third failed attempt Snowey and Jock are captured by the bad guys. This movie has been utterly ridiculous up to now and will only get worse. Barton is eventually captured by Schuler and finds out what’s really going on. The master plan is to infect England’s water supply with cholera germs which are in the metal canisters.

Not much Barton can do as he’s chained to the wall in a knight’s armor. Of course Schuler is ambitious as it’s England first and then the world. This is one awful movie and should be avoided at all costs.


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