The Damon Runyun Theatre (1955-56)

the damon runyun theatre

Half hour anthology series mostly based on Runyun’s stories.

July 2,1955 episode: “Teacher’s Pet” written by Al Martin w/Fay Bainter, Gene Evans and Sid Melton – Three gangsters, Tony Rose (Gene Evans), Gloomy Bates (Sid Melton) and Bunions O’Leary, are mourning the death of their boss Knux Maynard. he was shot by his rival Soapy Dixon. Entering Maynard’s mansion headquarters is his girlfriend Bo-Peep (Adele Jergens).

She wants to know where Knux put his will. Since no one can find it Tony decides to write one. They get a visit from lawyer Paul Clayton. With him is an elderly lady named Emily Grundy (Fay Bainter). A will was found in a safety deposit box. Knux left everything to Emily. Turns out she was his childhood school teacher.

She tells the four they can all move in with her. The arrangement works as they hide the real business from her. She teaches them proper English and they even have five o’clock tea. She wants to know how Knux made his fortune. Tony and the gang give their own explanation for a wall map with lights showing the group’s joints. They give innocent explanations.

It had to happen. Soapy comes by. Emily recognizes him as her dormer student Marvin who was in the same class as Knux, real name Horace. Soapy has had enough memory lane and says he’s taking over. Emily says he was always a bully and throws him out. He may have big plans but so does Emily.

The episode is dated and silly but Fay Bainter is makes it all worthwhile.

In “Ladies Of The Chorus” (1948), Adele Jergens played Marilyn Monroe’s mother.


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