Dr.Kildare’s Strange Case (1940)

dr.kildare's strange case 1940

Fourth of nine movies featuring Lew Ayres as Dr.Jimmy Kildare and Lionel Barrymore as the wheelchair bound irascible Dr.Leonard Gillespie. It’s entertaining even with the goofy finish.

Dr.Gregory Lane is a wealthy brain surgeon. Lately he’s been losing too many patients. Despite his designs on Kildare’s girlfriend, Nurse Mary Lamont (Lorraine Day), he supports him.

Kildare makes twenty bucks a month as Gillespie’s assistant and is glad of it because he wants to learn all he can from him. Then he’s offered a job paying five hundred a month along with a house, He’ll be a researcher. He finally decides to turn it down because he wants to stick with Gillespie and be a diagnostician. Mary breaks down in front of her friendly supervisor because she’s been waiting for him to feel he has a good enough living so he can propose to her.

One day a patient is brought in after being hit by a truck. He’s got a skull fracture. Lane and Kildare have been assigned to work with each other and Mary is the nurse. The rivalry for Mary doesn’t get in the way. Lane hesitates to operate on the man but Kildare is encouraging and he decides to go ahead. The man has some obsession about Friday.

The operation is a success but it now appears that the patient is insane. The head of the hospital suspends Lane over Kildare’s defense. Kildare decides to play detective to find out the man’s identity. He enlists the help of ambulance driver Joe Wayman (Nat Pendleton) and his cab driver friend Foghorn (Horace McMahon). They don’t have any luck.

Kildare’s tells his mother about a radical cure for insanity involving insulin shock. She encourages him to do it. He says he’ll consult with his doctor father. He has to do it secretly and enlists Mary to help him. Now things get bizarre.

As unbelievable as the rest of the movie is it’s still worth taking a look. Series fans get an advance on the overall series storyline at the very end.


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