She Gods Of Shark Reef (1958)

she gods of shark reef 1958

Of all the movies Roger Corman made this has to be the worst. Even his really bad movies had some element that made them watchable. This doesn’t even have one. The theme song by Sylvia Syms is beyond awful.

Lee Johnson (Don Durant) tries gun smuggling for a living and ends up killing a guard. He enlists the help of his brother Chris (Bill Cord) and their friend Jim to sail to the island of Raretu where he can lay low for a while.

A storm wrecks their boat and Jim drowns. Chris and Lee are rescued by eighteen year old island beauty Mahia (Lisa Montell) who gets them to her home of Manikai.  The island is all women led by the elderly Queen Pua (Jeanne Gerson). She says a boat will be along in ten days to get them home. The island is run by a company that deals in pearls.

Pua says they’re lucky to have escaped the shark god which is a big mask that somehow fell into the water from somewhere. All is sweetness and light as the girls hula for the boys. But then Mahia gets Chris involved and he breaks a lei. Uh-oh. Pua says that’s taboo and the shark god isn’t going to be happy. It’s so mad it makes the movie last another half hour.

Lee tells Chris he found an outrigger that needs a mast. It’ll get them out of there. The next day Pua insists on a purification ceremony to make the god of death happy. That means three women, including Mahia, are tied up and tossed to the sharks.

Chris grabs a boat and races to the rescue. He kills a shark with a spear and rescues Mahia. Now the shark god is annoyed, the death god isn’t feeling much better and Pua is disgusted. She uses a semaphore to signal for a police launch to get these guys outta there.

The brothers end up taking Mahia and Pua with them on the outrigger. Lee grab a map to the remote islands and they decide to wait it out on the reef until the police launch comes and goes. While Chris and Mahia occupy themselves with each other and Pua remains tied up Lee says he’ll swim back to Manikai to check things out.

Lee breaks into the storehouse and steals a bag of pearls. He manages to slug an old woman in the process. He swims back to the reef. He’s in trouble now….and so are you if you waste time watching this.

Don Durant starred as the title character in the TV series Johnny Ringo” (1959-60).



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