Ghosts Of Hanley House (1968)

ghosts of hanley house 2

The DVD rental probably costs more than the film’s budget. The sound “quality” is almost as bad as the “acting.” I went into this with low expectations and I got them. It’s another haunted house cheapie that must have been the sixth feature out of five at the drive-in.

Hank and Dick make a bet about the Hanley House. Dick bets Hank that there are ghosts there and to prove it he’ll have to spend the night. Hank thinks he’s full of it. The bet? If there are ghosts Dick gets Hank’s MG. If not, Hank gets Dick’s Ferrari.

Hank finally rounds up some people to stay the night with him. They are Dick, his foxy cousin Shelia (Barbara Chase), Gabby the medium and townie Sam Morgan. Yeah they hear strange noises and there’s even a knock on the door. No one there. There is a mark on the door Gabby says is from a spirit.

They settle in for some beer and cards. Shelia finds an album of waltz music. (Huh??) Uh-oh…Shelia spots a black widow spider hanging over the card table. At least it was there. A mysterious box appears in the hall. Shelia goes upstairs and says some cold hands tried to strangle her. The clocks go crazy and a painting swings on the wall.

Oh well. Such is life in a haunted house. They decide to go to sleep. Gabby tells Shelia the spirits are trying to contact her and mean no harm. Later Shelia hears voices calling her and she investigates. Nothing happening there.

Time to get dressed again and have a seance. Cue the thunder. Gabby talks to her spirit pals. They say only evil is in that house and they split for ether unknown. Time to go. Too bad the cars won’t start. Now they have to hoof it. Once again, cue the thunder.

Up until this point the movie, despite all its flaws, showed a little promise. It could have been so bad it’s good but it leaves the it’s good part behind and sinks into so bad.

It wastes a lot of time as they wander around only to end up back at the house. Once inside they find out what’s going on. The payoff takes forever and I kept hoping it would speed up at least a little No such luck. There are many bad movies out there. No need to find this one.

This was Barbara Chases’ first movie. She didn’t make too many afterwards. She did some TV but not much. If she has a claim to fame it’s as Timothy Leary’s fifth wife.


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