Never Give A Sucker An Even Break (1941)

never give a sucker an even break 1941

W,C.Fields, Gloria Jean and Franklin Pangborn portray themselves in a movie that makes little sense because that’s the way it was designed. A lot of great lines from Fields along the way and a few songs from Gloria. This isn’t for everyone but it’s well worth seeing if only for W.C.

Gloria Jean is worried about Uncle Bill. He’s trying to sell a script to Franklin Pangborn and that’s more on her mind than her own rehearsal. Fields is standing in front of a large billboard advertising his movie “The Bank Dick.” A sketch with a waitress follows and then it switches to the studio where Gloria is doing a song she hates but Franklin wants.

The scene moves to Franklin’s office where Fields has brought his script. He relates it and it’s totally nonsensical. In frustration Franklin reads it aloud. The first scene is on an airplane with a sundeck. Fields is there with Gloria. He manages to insult some passengers and draw some admiring glances from the stewardess.

He takes a seat and decides to have a drink from a bottle he’s carrying. It falls out the window and he jumps after it. He lands on a mountaintop and meets the blonde and beautiful Quilotta Hemogloben (Susan Miller). She says she’s been there since she was three months old. She doesn’t know what a man is and Fields ends up playing a little post office with her. Now here comes mother (Margaret Dumont). She wants to play and Fields gets in a basket and jumps off the mountain.

Franklin can’t believe how bad it is. and wants to know where Gloria is. He starts reading again. Gloria gets a phone call from Uncle Bill. He’s in a Gypsy village. He’s telling two men about his experience and they say they’ve heard about the women and that Mom is supposed to be very rich. Now Gloria shows up.

Meanwhile the two men, Carson the engineer and his pal (Leon Errol) climb the mountain. Quilotta teaches Carson the game while his friend is involved with a gorilla. Going after the money Fields gets into a basket along with Gloria and the head of the saloon. He wants to marry Mrs.Hemogloben. Quilotta sings a jive song to Carson.

Fields and company arrive on the mountaintop and he pursues Mrs.Hemogloben. Franklin’s had it.He tears up the script and walks out. Now there’s more silliness to come including a long car chase that’s a throwback to the silent era.

If you like movies with a cohesive storyline…forget it. If you’re a W.C.Fields fan….watch it.

Gloria Jean

Gloria Jean


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