Lady In Cement (1968)

lady in cement 1968

Sinatra is completely miscast as a hip Miami P.I. who lives on his boat. The movie is based on the second of three books written by Marvin H.Albert using the name Anthony Rome. Albert wrote the screenplay. You’d think he would have treated his own work a lot better. Of course with Sinatra there are a number of in jokes including a go-go joint named Jilly’s. Huge Montenegro provides what had to be the absolute worst soundtrack of his career.

Tony Rome (Frank Sinatra) and his vice cop pal Rubin (Pat Henry) are out treasure hunting. Tony dives down and finds a blonde with her feet encased in cement. She was stabbed to death.

Tony is hired by ex-con Waldo Gronsky (Dan Blocker) to find Sandra Lomax. Tony’s pretty sure that’s the lady in cement. Tony goes to the go-go bar where Sandra worked. He talks with her roommate Maria Baretto (Lainie Kazan). She says she last saw Sandra at a party being tossed by rich socialite Kit Forrest (Raquel Welch).

Kit calls her neighbor, former gangster Al Mungar (Martin Gable). He shows up with his son Paul and a couple henchmen. Tony takes a walk with them and he’s told not to bother Kit again. No chance of that.

It’s not much longer that Maria is murdered and Tony is a suspect. He also runs afoul of Jilly’s owner Danny and his boyfriend Seymour. A couple hoods try to rub out Gronsky but get shot dead by Tony and Gronsky for their trouble. Gronsky also has a bullet wound. That doesn’t stop him from knocking out a couple cops. Too late. Tony’s police pal Lt.Dave Santini (Richard Conte) shows up and Gronsky is taken to the hospital.

Tony makes his way to artist Arnie Sherwin (Richard Deacon) who he pays to draw a sketch of Sandra. It’s the lady in cement. The movie continues with oddball characters and another murder. There’s a sequence where Tony is wanted for murder and Santini has to bring him in.

Tony gets away from him in Santini’s police car and he’s chased by his pal in his car through Miami to the Fontainebleu Hotel. There are some music in jokes during the segment.

Meanwhile, Gronsky has escaped from the hospital and is hiding out at Mabel’s Massage Parlor. When he was shot that’s where he told Tony to take him before getting arrested. Tony finds him in a back room watching “Bonanza.”

Of course Tony solves the case and manages to deliver some supposedly hip one liners along the way. The movie is real dated and doesn’t hold up at all.



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