The Blue Parrot (1953)

the blue parrot 1953

Dull murder mystery that can be figured out in less than five minutes between yawns. Englishman Dermot Walsh trying to portray a New York cop in London to learn techniques from Scotland Yard is beyond laughable.

Rocks Owen runs a one man private car for hire. He also deals in hot goods. He stops in The Blue Parrot and collects two hundred pounds from club owner Carson. He has a drink with hostess Gloria when he gets a phone call about a job. He writes the address down and leaves his gold pen behind. The waiter picks it up.

The next day Rocks is found dead in his car. Across London the waiter is trying to pawn the pen. He hears the shop owner calling the police and ducks out. At Scotland Yard American cop Bob Merrick (Dermot Walsh) is with Superintendent Chester (Ballard Berkeley) when the call comes in.

Chester decides to send Sgt.Maguire undercover to The Blue Parrot and Bob volunteers to be back up as a customer. At the club Bob flirts with Gloria’s friend, a new hostess named Maureen. The waiter overcharges Bob for drinks. He’s not getting anywhere with Maureen. A customr named Stevens warns him about wasting Maureen’s time.

The next day at Scotland Yard Bob is complaining about Maguire as the waiter overcharged him. He gets a real surprise when he finds out the waiter was for real. Maureen is Sgt.Maguire (Jacqueline Hill).

They find out the waiter who tries to pawn the pen is Taps Campelli. They go to his flat and hear a shot. They go in and there’s Carla, The Girl With The Gun. She says Taps would sometimes appear on a show with her He was afraid of guns and wouldn’t even come near the stage while she was doing her act. She says Taps packed up and is gone.

Owen lived in an expensive rooming house run by Mrs.West. In his room the safe had been burned open. She says she doesn’t know anything about it and thinks Chester and Bob did it.

At the Blue Parrot Carson has a secret entrance to a cellar across the street under a cafe where Charlie the owner keeps an eye on things for him. Carson is hiding Taps out there but says he has to leave right away. Taps goes upstairs through the cafe and onto the street. He runs into Stevens, panics and gets hit by a cab.

This is boring stuff and isn’t worth your time.

Ballard Berkeley is familiar to TV comedy fans as Major Gowan in “Fawlty Towers” (1975-79) and as Guy Penrose in “Fresh Fields” (1984-85).

Between 1963 and 1980 Jacqueline Hill appeared on “Doctor.Who” first as Barbara Wright and then in 1980 as Lexa.


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