Sleep, My Love (1948)

sleep,my love 1948

Looking fo a good movie? Check this one out. Good cast based on the novel by Leo Rosten. A man is trying to get his wealthy wife to kill herself so he can inherit her money and marry his model girlfriend.

Alison Courtland (Claudette Colbert) wakes up on a train. She doesn’t remember how she got there. A ditzy woman acts all concerned. She admires Alison’s purse and shows her there’s a gun inside. She’s Grace Vernay (Queenie Smith). She was acting on orders from her husband Charles (George Coulouris).

Back in New York Alison’s husband, architect Dick (Don Ameche) called the cops and said Alison was missing. Sgt.Strake (Raymond Burr) comes to the house. The phone rings. It’s Alison calling from Boston. Dick is relieved and then says he wants to take the call in another room for privacy. Strake listens in. Dick says his gun is missing. He has a minor shoulder wound. He told Strake he accidentally shot himself while cleaning the gun. He hints on the phone to Alison that she did it.

Dick asks Strake if he can get a Boston policeman to take Alison to catch a plane. At the airport Alison runs into her friend Barby with Bruce Elcott (Bob Cummings). He runs an airline in China and is headed back in a few days. Alison boards the plane with Bruce and he makes a move. Then he finds out she’s married. Oh well, he tried.

Back home Dick wants Alison to see psychiatrist Dr.Rhinehart. Later Alison answers the door. It’s Rhienhart. He’s acting pretty weird and it scares her. She goes to another room and when she returns, he’s gone. She faints at the top of the landing.

Rhinehart is really Charles. He’s a photographer. His model is Daphne (Hazel Brooks). Dick shows up at the house with the real Dr.Rhinehart and convinces Alison she imagines the whole thing.

That night Dick can’t take her to a party so she goes to a wedding. The groom is Bruce’s business partner and honorary brother Jimmie Lin (Keye Luke). Alison is drinking a lot and is feeling no pain. Meanwhile Dick is at an out of the way inn with Daphne. He gives her an expensive emerald bracelet. She’s putting the pressure on for him to confirm their relationship.

Bruce drives Alison home and she’s wasted but gets inside. She’s sees Charles but Dick and Bruce can’t find him. Dick gives her a sedative and she falls asleep. That’s when he tries to give her hypnotic suggestions about going out on the balcony and jumping off. A suspicious Bruce is driving Jimmie and his bride to their honeymoon cottage but can’t help but turn around and go back to the house.

Don’t want to spoil the remaining forty minutes. The minor drawback is the casting of newcomer Hazel Brooks. The part really called for someone like Lizabeth Scott. Brooks had a number of uncredited movie roles and not much else. It’s easy to see why. The rest of the cast is top notch making this one to see.


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