Main Street After Dark (1945)

main street after dark 1945

B movie about a family of bunco artists and the police Lieutenant that keeps an eye on them. Standard issue movie. Even though Dan Duryea is in it he doesn’t have a whole lot to do. With all of the great movies he’s made this one can wait to be seen.

Ma Dibson (Selena Royle) listens in to police calls to see if any of the family have been picked up. Her son Lefty (Tom Trout) is coming home after three years in the slammer. It would have been shorter but he used a gun on his last job. Waiting are his brother Posey (Dan Duryea), his sister Rosalie (Dorothy Morris) and his wife Jessie Belle (Audrey Totter).

Lefty’s not happy Jessie Bell is working the dance circuit along with the underage Rosalie. They roll servicemen for their wallets, mostly at a bar called Barney’s. Posey says he’s been sickly and hasn’t been able to do much. Ma takes their ill gotten gains to Keller (Hume Cronyn). He runs an antique and pawn shop. He shows her three guns as he thinks Lefty might like to get started again. She turns him down.

Lt.Lorrgan (Edward Arnold) drops by the house and tells Lefty he got him a job milking cows while he’s on parole. He’s not too thrilled. He’d rather rob bartender Mac MacLean (Dick Elliot) when he makes his night deposit. Lefty goes to see Keller who lends him money and says he knows he’ll pay him back. He also gives him three guns to take home.

Lefty follows Mac. Out of the shadows comes Lorrgan. So much for that plan.  Lorrgan gets together a group of servicemen to go around town with wallets and cash marked with powder that can be seen under ultra violet light.

Posey and Jessie Belle pull off a scam where two soldiers are told about a free hotel room. Jessie Belle calls Posey who goes to the hotel and poses as the night clerk. The soldiers leave their valuables with him. They go upstairs and Posey goes out the door. One of them puts a key in the door of their assigned room and a woman’s voice calls out. They go downstairs. No one is behind the desk and they start ringing the bell. The real clerk comes out. He was asleep in the back room.

The next night Posey and Lefty are waiting in the car. Jessie Belle comes out of Barney’s and gives them a wallet. Lefty spots Mac with the money bag. Posey says he has a bad feeling but Lefty tells him to drive. They don’t know Jessie Belle has been picked up.

Lefty gets out of the car and pulls a gun on Mac. He fights back as Lefty grabs for the bag and then shoots Mac. They hear a siren and Lefty gets in the car without the money. A cop fires at them but they get away and go to a garage to have the bullet holes taken out of the car.

At the police station Jessie Belle isn’t cooperating. Lorrgan thinks he knows what’s going on and heads for the Dibson house.

It’s the typical wrap up with a moralistic message at the end. The movie is a time filler and not much else despite some good cast members.

Audrey Totter usually played the bad girl but on TV she was known as Alice MacRoberts in the sitcom “Our Man Higgins” (1962-63) and as nurse Eve Wilcox on “Medical Center” (1969-76).

Audrey Totter

Audrey Totter

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