Going Straight (1978)

going straight

Ronnie Barker returns as Norman Stanley Fletcher in this spin off from “Porridge” (1974-77). Also back is Fulton MacKay as prison supervisor Mr.MacKay for the first episode. Not as funny as “Porridge” but still worth a look. It only lasted six episodes.

Opening episode:February 24,1978 –  “Going Home” – After three and a half years Fletch is finally released from Slade Prison..that’s after he gets his coat stuck in the exit door.

He’s on the train headed home and has his first taste of how things have changed when he buys a beer. Prices have gone up. At one stop two men race for the train. Meanwhile Fletch has encountered his nemesis MacKay.

MacKay is being forced into retirement and is looking for a job. Fletch has a good time telling him how tough it’ll be as they have a few drinks. When MacKay heads for the men’s room a former inmate named Oakley recognizes Fletch. He goes back to his friend Tanner and says he found the perfect person to deliver the bag in London. Fletch doesn’t know it contains stolen jewels.

Tanner goes to the bar car with the bag and spots MacKay. Since Fletch went to the men’s room Tanner thinks MacKay is Fletch and gives him the bag. At another stop Oakley and Tanner are arrested at the station.

A cop that knows Fletch comes into the bar car and spots the bag. MacKay says it’s his. The cop leaves and MacKay opens the bag. It comes to a fun ending.

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