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Charlie Chan At The Circus (1936)

Another good entry in the series as Charlie solves murder at the circus. Keye Luke is number one son Lee who fancies himself a detective. He’s his usual hyper self but fans of the series are used to that. Circus … Continue reading

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Swing Around Rosie-Rosemary Clooney (1958)

(1:49) 1. ‘Deed I Do (2:24) 2. You Took Advantage of Me (2:27) 3. Blue Moon (2:16) 4. Sing You Sinners (2:43) 5. A Touch of the Blues (2:07) 6. Goody, Goody (2:39) 7. To Close for Comfort (2:49) 8. … Continue reading

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The Pearl Of Death (1944)

Ninth entry in the fourteen movie series starring Basil Rathbone and Nigel Bruce. It’s loosely based on Arthur Conan Doyle’s 1904 story “The Adventure Of The Six Napoleons.” Dennis Hoey is Inspector Lestrade and Mary Gordon makes a brief appearance … Continue reading


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Dixon Of Dock Green (1955-76)

Jack Warner stars as PC George Dixon. He appeared throughout the series long run. It had a little bit of everything from drama to comedy. The series wasn’t the usual shoot ’em up, car chase police series. It ambled along … Continue reading

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Terrified (1963)

If you like to watch movies just to see how much worse they can get….here ya go. Joey is lying in a grave as the cement pours in. He sees a masked man. He asks who he is and the … Continue reading

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London Belongs To Me (Dulcimer Street) (1948)

The movie doesn’t know what it wants to be. It tries drama, suspense, murder, comedy and even psychics and mediums. It centers around a rooming house at number ten Dulcimer Street and the assorted characters that live there. The house … Continue reading

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Calypso-Is Like So-Robert Mitchum (1957)

A1 Jean And Dinah A2 From A Logical Point Of View A3 Not Me A4 What Is This Generation Coming To? A5 Tic, Tic, Tic A6 Beauty Is Only Skin Deep B1 I Learn A Merengue, Mama B2 Take Me … Continue reading

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Massacre Time (1966)

Franco Nero is a one man wrecking crew in this minor entry from the spaghetti holster.Nothing different from all the others and you can tell the Leone touch is missing along with Clint and Van Cleef. The theme song is … Continue reading

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The Rough Guide To Blues Women-Various Artists

1. Ruth Willis – Man of My Own 3:02 2. Ma Rainey – Stack O’ Lee Blues 2:55 3. Elvie Thomas, Geeshie Wiley – Pick Poor Robin Clean 3:12 4. Bessie Smith – Careless Love Blues 3:24 5. Memphis Jug … Continue reading

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Boston Blackie’s Chinese Venture (1949)

Last in the series starring Chester Morris. Sid Tomack takes over from George E. Stone as The Runt. Richard Lane returns as Inspector Farraday and Frank Sully is Sgt.Matthews. No appearance by Lloyd Corrigan as Blackie’s millionaire lawyer pal Arthur. … Continue reading

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