Thunder Over Tangier (Man From Tangier) (1957)

thunder over tangier (man from tangier) 1957

Mediocre movie about a man who gets involved with a gang that forges passports after he mistakenly grabs the wrong coat.

In Tangier, a forger named Armstrong kills a man and makes off with a case with all you need to forge passports. His partner Voss isn’t amused and he and his secretary Michele (Lisa Gastoni) go to London after him.

In a barbershop movie actor Chuck Collins (Robert Hutton) accidentally grabs Armstrong’s coat. Armstrong finally reaches him on the phone and Chuck agrees to come to Armstrong’s hotel to make the switch. Outside his door Chuck hears a strange noise and then the light goes off. Rather than investigate he leaves a note under the door. As he’s getting in a cab, Armstrong is tossed out the window.

Instead of going home Chuck goes to a bar. Later his friend Rex comes in all happy that he won some big bucks on a fight. He wants to throw a party. Something falls out of the coat. Also in the coat is the address of Michele. A drunken Rex calls her to invite her over. Chuck grabs the phone and tells her what’s going on and she comes over.

The two then leave for Armstrong’s hotel. When Chuck goes to enter the room Scotland Yard is waiting. Michele sneaks out. They can’t hold Chuck and when he goes back outside Michele is waiting in a cab. They go to his place. She explains that she was in a concentration camp and has a phony passport. Voss and the gang are looking for her.

Chuck calls Rex who agrees to loan him his car and the use of his country cottage. Chuck wants to hide Michele there. He goes to her place to pack a suitcase for her and doesn’t see Voss hiding in a closet. Meanwhile she leaves a note for Chuck saying she’s going food shopping.

He calls his place and when she doesn’t answer he hurries back. At the market one of the gang stabs her with a needle and she passes out. Another gang members poses as a doctor and takes her away. Chuck arrives minutes after, finds out what happens, spots the car and follows. Voss is at Chuck’s place when the phone rings. It’s the bartender from last night. Voss puts a handkerchief over the phone. Thinking he’s Chuck with a cold the bartender tells him a ticket to a storage locker fell out of his coat last night. Voss says he’ll send someone over for it.

The pace picks up and it’s not a bad final fifteen minutes. If you’re looking for a half decent way to pass an hour this may do it.




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