Dangerous Charter (1962)

dangerous charter 1962

When your last in your acting class this is all you can get. The horrendous opening theme song is fair warning to proceed no further. In case you’re feeling indestructible to total crap and move ahead…this is what awaits:

Marty (Chris Warfield), Kick (Chick Chandler) and Joe (Wright King) are fishing for blue fin when they spot a yacht that’s adrift. They board and no one’s home. Then they find a body. Marty decides rather than call the Coast Guard they’ll bring the boat in and claim salvage rights.

Waiting are a Coast Guard Commander and an FBI man (John Zaremba). A doctor says the dead man died of mumps. The FBI agent says they can have the boat and he places an ad for charters. That’s the condition for taking over the boat. He also tells Marty to keep him informed about anyone that answers the ad. He tells the Commander it may have belonged to a master criminal using the name Anselmo. I’ve lost count of how many mystery/crime writers have used that name for a crook. No one knows what he looks like but he is known as a nifty dresser.

The next day Marty’s fiancee and Kicks’ daughter Joan (Sally Fraser) shows up with a man named Richard Kane (Dick Foote). He wants a ten day charter to La Paz,Mexico to pick up his boss who he says hates to fly They should have been warned. Kane is carrying a guitar. Time to sail away.

On the briny a boat selling lobsters for two bucks apiece pulls alongside. Joan orders two dozen. What the crew pulls from the bin are guns. Coming on board is Kane’s boss Monet (Peter Forster) and a couple henchmen.

That night even worse than the guns Kane brings out his guitar and starts to sing that horrible opening song. Rather than get seasick like anyone else that could hear it Joan is charmed and a lip lock is on its way.

The next day Joan tells Kane it was a moment of madness and to forget it. So much for that dumb subplot. Monet tells Marty there’s a change of plan. He wants to sail to Santa Catalina and he’ll pay ten grand. Time to change course.

Kane warned Joan to stay away from Monet. Too bad he overheard. He takes Kane’s dope from his guitar case. Outside the harbor Monet orders Joan to put on a bathing suit and everyone to act like they’re having a grand time.

At the harbor Monet says he’s Marty and needs a part for their radio. On board Joan hears moaning coming from Kane’s cabin. That’s when they learn he’s a junkie. Before this there’s another scene with that awful guitar and so called singing. It’s a real chore to sit through. Okay, I’ll admit it…I hit fast forward. I should have let it FF to the end.

It’s finally revealed by Monet that everyone abandoned ship in a panic because they thought the sick crewman had plague. They got a good laugh when they found out it was just mumps. He also admits the cargo is a half million dollars worth of heroin.

The movie goes for an action packed finish. It’s actually a stupid packed finish. Mercifully it does come to an end. This is one of the biggest waste of time I’ve seen in a long while. Avoid it like the plague….or mumps.

The pros in this movie are Chick Chandler and John Zaremba. Too bad they were trapped in this sewage. Sally Fraser appeared in a number of 1950’s monster movies. All of them way ahead of this garbage.


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