The Suspect (1944)

the suspect 1944

Charles Laughton, Rosalind Ivan and Henry Daniell are outstanding in this movie about a man married to the woman from hell and what he does about it. It takes place in 1902 London.

Philip Marshal (Charles Laughton) arrives home to see his son John getting ready to move out. He’s had it with his control freak mother Cora (Rosalind Ivan). Philip moves into his son’s old room across the hall.

Philip manages a tobacco shop. Looking for a job is Mary Gray (Ella Raines). They don’t need anyone who can use one of those newfangled typewriting machines. When Philip leaves for the day he sees Mary sitting on a bench crying. That leads to a relationship. He gets her a good job at a dress shop. He never tells her he’s married.

One night walking home he runs into his neighbor Gilbert Simmons (Henry Daniell) outside their favorite pub. He’s drunk and Philip gets him home. Philip has a confrontation with Cora when he asks for a divorce. She gets real nasty and threatens to go where he works and trash his good name. The next night he spots Cora following him. He manages to ditch her. At a restaurant he tells Mary he’s married and has to end their relationship.

Now it’s Christmas. As Philip is trimming the tree Cora tells him she knows all about Mary and says she’s going to go to her job and her boarding house and tell everyone that she’s having an affair with a married man. He picks up a cane and gets that look in his eye.

The next day at a market two women are talking about what a shame it is that Cora accidentally fell down the stairs and died. A few days later Philip gets a visit from Inspector Huxley of Scotland Yard. He thinks Cora’s death was suspicious and demonstrates how she could have been murdered.

Huxley can’t let it go and drops in on Mary at her boarding house. Philip shows up and drops it on Huxley that he and Mary were married that morning. Huxley thinks its a clever move since a wife can’t testify against her husband.

John, his fiancee and future in-laws along with Mary are ready to go for a weekend at the beach. Philip will join them later. While getting a bite to eat he’s joined by his neighbor Gilbert. That morning Philip saw Gilbert’s wife with a bruise on her forehead. Gilbert says he has no intention of looking for a job and asks to borrow money. Philip pays for his drink and leaves. Then Huxley comes in and sits down with Gilbert. That gives Guilbert an idea.

This is definitely one to see.



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