The Millonaire (1955-60)

Marvin Miller

Marvin Miller

John Beresford Tipton (Paul Frees) liked to give out checks worth a million dollars to people he’s never met. All taxes have been paid on the checks. He’d send out his trusty assistant Michael Anthony (Marvin Miller) to hand out the checks. There are conditions. The recipient is never to try and find out who sent it or reveal where his new found wealth came from.

Michael Anthony kept an eye on each new millionaire. The soapie type show’s message is that money can’t by happiness. (Hey John, give me one of those checks and I’ll disprove that in a hurry).

At the end of the show Anthony would report to Tipton what the receiver of the check learned.

Opening episode: January 19,1955 – “The Amy Moore Story” – The episode opens with Michael Anthony (Marvin Miller) explaining that John Beresfor Tipton is dead. A quick flashback shows the multimillionaire saying to Michael that people are like chess pieces and he’s going to hand out million dollar checks. He wants a full explanation of what happens to each person.

Amy Moore (Toni Gerry) works in a department store for the stuffy Smitty (Howard McNear). A woman complains about a mix up in shirts and Smitty fines Amy five dollars. In walks Tom Williams (John Archer) to claim his shirt. He feels bad about what happened and takes her to lunch. You know where this is going.

Amy doesn’t tell him she’s a war widow with a young son who is an asthmatic. One day at home she gets a letter that tells her to come down to the bank for a great opportunity. She thinks it’s a scam and a cheap advertising stunt. She can’t believe she’s getting a check for a million dollars.

The bank president assures her it’s all hers but there are conditions. She’s not allowed to tell anyone about it. If she was married she could tell her husband but that’s it. When it sinks in she confronts Smitty and quits her job. Tom has been trying to get her to open up and she’s always put him off. Now she calls him.

A happy Tom shows up at her apartment and makes friends with her son Joe. He wants to marry her and then tells her why his marriage broke up. He says his wife inherited four hundred thousand dollars and he felt like a kept man. Uh-oh. Amy starts thinking.

Marvin Miller used his radio voice to narrate a number of TV shows include the funniest comedy ever, “Police Squad!” in 1982.

Despite his many TV and movie roles Howard McNear will always be known as Floyd Lawson the barber from “The Andy Griffith Show” (1961-67).

Paul Frees

Paul Frees


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