Burnt Evidence (1954)

Duncan Lamont

Duncan Lamont

Not bad until the rushed lame ending. So whose body is it? The husband or the boyfriend?

Jack Taylor’s (Duncan Lamont) business is failing. People aren’t paying their bills and he can’t pay his. He’s too soft to go after those that owe him money. The next thing to go may be his wife Diana (Jayne Hilton). She’s got a thing going with Jack’s old army buddy Jimmy Thompson (Donald Gray).

Jack comes home and discovers Jimmy’s cigarette lighter. She explains it away by saying he stopped by that afternoon. Jack says he got an offer for a big contract but needs three hundred pounds to get started.

The next day in town he spots Jane and follows her to Jimmy’s. They’re surprised to see him and Jimmy’s even more surprised when Jack lands a right cross. When he comes to Diana explains about the money Jack needs and asks for a loan. Jimmy says they should tell Jack everything.

Back home Jack writes a suicide note and grabs his gun. He also smashed his wedding picture. Staying with the Taylors’ is family friend Mrs.Raymond. She discovers the smashed photo and starts to clean up the glass.

Diana and Jimmy come in. Since Jack isn’t there Jimmy decides to go to the workshop. Jimmy returns the favor of the morning and comes across with his own right cross. Jack puts a burning cigarette in an ash tray and takes out the gun. The two struggle and the cigarette falls into straw.

The place burns and firemen discover a body burnt beyond recognition. Newly promoted Inspector Edwards gets the case. He visits Diana and they go to the workshop. Later on she heads for Jimmy’s place and the cops follow. Jimmy’s not home.

Diana gets the suicide note in the mail and shows it to Edwards. She identifies the body as Jack. Later on Edwards finds out the body has a bullet in it. Also found at the scene…a tooth. Time for Edwards to visit the dentist.

Duncan Lamont starred in the British TV series “Dixon Of Dock Green” as Bob Cooper (1964-68).


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