Farewell Friend (Adieu L’ami) (1968)

farewell friend 1968

Put this on the must see list. Terrific crime movie with Bronson and Delon showing why they’re stars. It’s a French production co-written by crime writer Sebastien Japrisot based on his original story..

Two mercenaries return from from fighting in Algeria with the French Foreign Legion. They get involved in a Christmas weekend robbery in a high security building.

Franz Propp (Charles Bronson) wants to recruit Dino Barran (Alan Delon) to join him in a group going to fight in the Congo. Dino  says he’s had enough and has to use a right cross to prove it.

Dino is met by Isabelle. She’s the mistress of his best friend, a doctor nicknamed Mozart. Mozart’s dead and Dino is asked to fulfill a promise made to Isabelle. She works for an exclusive advertising agency. She stole bearer bonds from the basement safe. She wants them put back. He agrees to do the job.

He gets hired as the company’s medical director. His assistant is the company presidents’ shy daughter Doinique. Her nickname is Waterloo. Her father is in Switzerland for a heart condition.

Isabelle sets up a hidden camera in Dino’s office to photograph the safe being opened. A two million dollar payroll is being put in for the Christmas holiday bonuses etc. The camera only picks up three numbers out of seven. Even though there are at least ten thousand possible combinations to try Dino says he’ll do it. Except for security guards the building will be empty for three days. She made him promise not to take the money, just put the bonds back.

Propp pulls a bizarre robbery of five men at a party where he uses a hooker as a distraction. The head of the group likes to sit in a chair with a doll. When he pulls the string it says, “Papa Gone.”

Dino manages to get himself into the building when it shuts down for the holiday. He gets a big surprise when Propp shows up. There’s a long sequence with just the two of them in the basement. It doesn’t have and doesn’t need a soundtrack to drive it. They’re in for some real surprises I won’t reveal.

After getting out of the building they promise each other not to turn the other in. At Orly Airport Propp causes a distraction that allows Dino to get away. Propp is captured and it’s a battle of wits between he and Inspector Meloutis.

More twists and turns to come that I can’t reveal. If you’re looking for a really good movie you may have missed, check this one out.


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