People Are Funny (1946)

people are funny 1946

Old fashioned movie fun and music with Ozzie Nelson, Jack Haley, Rudy Vallee and The Vagabonds. It’s a fictional account of how Art Linkletter’s “People Are Funny” show got started.

Johnny Guedel (Philip Reed) needs his writer and fiancee Corey Sullivan (Helen Walker) to get back from her vacation in Las Vegas. Mr.Jamison (Rudy Vallee) wants to stop sponsoring Guedel’s radio show because it makes fun of lawyers. Johnny has one week to come up with a new one.

In Vegas Corey runs into rival producer Leroy Brinker (Ozzie Nelson). He offers to drive Corey back to Hollywood. Along the way he has car trouble. They get a lift from an elderly lady whose grandson, Pinky Wilson (Jack Haley), does a radio show in the small town of Clearwater,Nevada. Corey thinks its combination of audience participation gags and stunts would be perfect for Johnny. Pinky says the show belongs to everyone.

She steals a transcript and has Leroy hide it in his jacket. He leaves for Hollywood while Corey stays behind to use her feminine wiles on Pinky to sell the show to her. She convinces Pinky to come to Hollywood with her. He tells the townspeople he’s getting a lot of money and to go ahead with certain projects.

In Hollywood Pinky gets lost and Corey can’t find him. She tells Johnny to sneak into Leroy’s office and steal the recording. Johnny hides under a desk waiting for Leroy to leave or at least fall asleep on the couch. Johnny reaches into a desk drawer and sight unseen takes the transcription on the top of a pile.

He tells Jamison to watch an audition of the show. It’s called “Dixie Serenade.” Johnny is always throwing The Vagabonds out of his office as they keep trying to get on the air. They come out in blackface and sing the Italian song “Angelina.” Johnny doesn’t recognize them until the make up starts to come off. Once again he tosses them out. Next up is boogie woogie pianist Ann Jenkins

When Corey comes in she informs Johnny that it’s the wrong show and he’ll have to unsell it to Jamison. Jamison gives him forty-eight hours to come up with a new one. Leroy comes in and sells Jamison on “People Are Funny.” Johnny has a show with Art Linkletter all lined up. Leroy disguises himself as an Irish cab driver and takes Jamison to everyplace but the NBC studio so he’ll be late for the audition presentation. Pinky also turns up..

Meanwhile the show is going on and a contestant is in the middle of a stunt. He’ll have a bag over his head and fly around in a small toy plane. His wife is the gunner who will spray him with a seltzer bottle whenever he passes her. By mistake Pinky grabs Jamison who just came in and puts the bag over his head. He wasn’t amused when he took part in the stunt.

Corey and Johnny have an argument and she breaks off their eight year long engagement. She tells Leroy to break into Johnny’s office and steal the original transcript. More music and comedy to follow with the expected ending.


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