Freckles Comes Home (1942)

freckles comes home 1942

Flat comedy crime film. A few bright spots with Mantan Moreland and Laurence Criner. It’s a wafer thin plot about bank robbers and a small town with a dimwit constable.

Jack Leach is on the run after killing a bank guard during a robbery. His pals drive him out of town so he can catch a bus and get away. They’ll  contact him when the heat is off. Jack gets on the bus and sits next to Freckles Winslow (Johnny Downs) who is on is way home from college. Home is the town of Fairfield, Indiana, population five hundred.

Freckles was asked to return by his cousin Danny (Marvin Stephens) who is in a jam. Danny spent the hotel payment on a phony gold divining machine. Jeff, the hotel porter (Mantan Moreland) knows it’s a fake, Danny also bought some worthless land where he thought he could find gold. The only thing that could save him is if a highway runs through the land. That won’t happen as long as his father and the head of the band Mr.Potter are feuding. They’re the road commissioners.

Freckles and Jane Potter (Gale “My Little Margie” Storm) are attracted to each other but the family feud gets in the way. One night she’s expecting a proposal but Freckles just asks her to help with her father so he can help Danny out.

Jack says he has a pal who is an investor. He gets him to come to town. His name is Nate Quigley and  he hits town with his chauffeur Roxbury B.Brown,III (Laurence Criner). Jeff tries to sell Roxbury the gold machine and ends up in a dice game with him.

Quigley makes friends with Potter who becomes all friendly when he’s told he’s an investor. Freckles and Jeff go to Jack’s room and find his body with a knife in its back. Now the movie falls flat with a huge thud as Constable Caleb Weaver (Irving Bacon) investigates. Back in Chicago Jack’s pals read about the murder and go to Fairfield posing as FBI agents. They plan to rob the bank.

Along the way there are a few routines with Moreland and Criner and even a song from Gale and Johnny but it’s not enough to give an overall save to this dud.



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