Terror In The Haunted House (My World Dies Screaming) (1958)

terror in the haunted house (my world dies screaming) 1958

It doesn’t get much worse than this. The two most horrific things in it are some flowered wall paper (always hated that stuff) and William Chings’ supposed acting. This crap is just beyond awful. The advertised subliminal Communication are quick flashes of cartoon faces. It would have served the audience a lot better if the messages said to leave the theater so you wouldn’t have to watch this dreck.

Shelia Wayne (Cathy O’Donnell) is in a sanitarium in Switzerland for her lungs. She has a recurring nightmare about an old house with something really bad in the attic. Maybe it’s a copy of this movie. The name on the mailbox is Tierney. She’s recently married to fellow American Philip Justin (Gerald Mohr). The psychiatrist can’t do anything for her and chalks it up to a bad childhood experience. She and Philip leave for New York.

They don’t stay there and Philip takes her to Florida for some rest. Up a long driveway it’s….yes it is….the old house in the dreams. Shelia’s not happy.Amateur psychiatrist Philip says if she starts reliving her dream it’ll go away. Inside is caretaker Jonah. He says he’s been there for seventeen years waiting for the family to come back. They’re known as The Mad Tierneys. Sounds worth waiting for. Jonah’s dog doesn’t like Shelia.

After describing the room upstairs Philip says okay…time to go. Of course if that happened we’d have been spared another crappy movie. But they push on and it’s no surprise that the car won’t start. They’ll have to stay. Seems someone pulled the wires and stole the distributor cap.

When Philip tells her the name on the mailbox is Tierney, Sheila remembers as a little girl there was a boy who carved their initials in a tree. That night she hears a scream and sees someone looking through the window. She goes downstairs to investigate. She opens the cellar door. Here comes the dog. It’s the slowest running dog they could find. Philip just yells at it and it lies down.

The next day Shelia finds the tree with the initials. Now an angry Mark Snell (William Ching) shows up. He says he owns the house and wants them outta there. It’s obvious Philip and Mark don’t like each other. Now the revelations pile up as Philip admits to her his last name is Tierney and he just happens to be the last of the wacky bunch. He tells her that her lungs were just fine. She had a nervous breakdown when she was seven and that’s how she ended up in the Swiss Sanitarium. She also finally puts it together that the initials in the tree, S.W. and P.T. just happen to be hers and Philips’. This is one smart cookie.

Mark tells her than he and Philip are cousins and hubby may be insane. She finds out some family history from Jonah. One of the Tierneys decided the family is tainted and to save the world from them he takes an axe and wipes them out and then keels over with a heart attack. Philip didn’t make the cut because he was away at school.

Another night, another dream, another scream. Sheila opens the door just in time to see Jonah do a swan dive over the banister. And now…..the movie gets even worse.




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