Ellery Queen And The Murder Ring (1941)

ellery queen and the murder ring 1941

Fourth and last of the series starring  Ralph Bellamy as Ellery Queen. Margaret Lindsay is his secretary Nikki Porter, Charley Grapewin is Inspector Queen, James Burke is Sgt.Velie and Olin Howard is medical examiner Dr.Williams. I hated this awful mix of slapstick and mystery. The only reason I subjected myself to this particular piece of crap was because one of my favorites, George Zucco, was in it as a doctor. I liked the book series but these four movies ruined them.

Wealthy Augusta Stack asks Inspector Queen to send someone undercover to the hospital she keeps afloat to spy on Dr.Janney (George Zucco) the medical director. Ellery pretends he has a sore throat and gets admitted. He calls Nikki to come in disguised as a nurse.

Bill Page and Lew Thomas are hired by John Stack (Leon Ames) to get rid of mom. They run her car off the road. That effects their car and it also crashes. Page is thrown out and breaks his leg and Thomas gets away. A motorcycle cop comes across the scene and Page ends up in the same ambulance as Augusta. They’re both taken to her hospital.

Augusta is taken into surgery. Her lawyer informs Janney that his latest discovery is her property since he put it together in her hospital. He’s not amused. Janney pushes a button under his desk and a message comes through the intercom that he’s wanted in surgery. Augusta dies on the operating table. Janney and the surgeon both say her death was the result of her injuries and she’ll be cremated. Not so fast. Medical examiner Dr.Williams says she was strangled.

The Inspector launches an investigation and questions Nurse Fox and others. Meanwhile the slapstick begins and the movie sinks below the bottom of the barrel. Thomas wheels Page out on a gurney. He’s dressed as a nurse and stashes Thomas in the women’s ward which leads to more “hilarity.”

Ellery checks out of the hospital and decides to go to Nurse Fox’s apartment and question her. Too late. She hung herself. Now there’s a mix up of bodies and more laughs before Nikki solves the case.

This is just horrible and the preceding three movies in the series were just as bad.



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