Cannonball (1958-59)


Paul Birch and William Campbell star as long distance truckers Mike “Cannonball” Malone and Jerry Austin. They go all over the U.S. and Canada. Typical 50’s show combining adventure and aw-shucks type endings.

October 20,1958 episode – “Small Cargo” – Fred has busted out of prison. He grabs his niece and nephew from an orphanage and hits the road in his pick up. Fred gets stuck in traffic and the kids use the opportunity to take off. They stow away in the back of Mike and Jerry’s truck.

When they’re discovered Mike calls his pal on the police force who tells him a bulletin is out on them. They were about to be adopted by separate families. Mike says he’ll take them home where his wife will let them rest and chow down. Then he’ll bring them in.

The kids take the opportunity to run off again. They don’t know that Uncle Fred is right behind them. When it’s discovered that they’re gone Mike calls his police pal and is read the riot act. Now he and Jerry go out searching. They meet at a bridge over a railroad yard and spot the kids below. Time to run some more.

Uncle Fred, the kids, Mike and Jerry are all running around the freight yard. Fred catches the kids. Jerry catches Fred. While they duke it out the kids run off again. Mike finally spots them. The girl is on the tracks. A freight is bearing down. Will all that truck stop food slow him down?




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