Boston Blackie’s Chinese Venture (1949)

boston blackie's chinese venture 1949

Last in the series starring Chester Morris. Sid Tomack takes over from George E. Stone as The Runt. Richard Lane returns as Inspector Farraday and Frank Sully is Sgt.Matthews. No appearance by Lloyd Corrigan as Blackie’s millionaire lawyer pal Arthur. This is one is a lot less silly than some previous entries but there is still some comedy but it’s not slapstick.

Mei Ling (Maylia) finds the body of her Uncle Charlie at his laundry business. Blackie and The Runt were seen leaving and that’s enough for Farraday to pick them up. Mei Ling calls the bar where she works and talks with the owner Bill Craddock. There was a strange laundry package but Craddock says he doesn’t know anything about it. Mei Ling asks Blackie to keep an eye on him.

That night Blackie hangs out at the bar and sees Craddock give some jewelry to his girlfriend Red (Joan Woodbury). Blackie follows her to a movie theater owned by Pop Gerard (Charles Arnt) when she leaves the bar. In a short time she leaves and The Runt follows her to a Chnatown tour bus. She’s a shill for the driver Les. Blackie and The Runt join the tour.

It’s a tourist rip off as actors portray gamblers, slave girls and even a man with a hatchet chasing someone in a supposed Tong war. Les keeps up the spiel for an extra buck. Red slips away and goes to see Reiber. He’s a jewel cutter from Holland that’s forced to work for her on stolen jewels.

The last stop on the tour is Wong’s Curio Shop where the suckers can buy tea and some souvenirs.  The clerk exchanges boxes of tea with Les from under the counter. Outside Blackie picks his pocket and switches boxes. Back at his apartment Blackie opens the box and finds some jewels.

The next day Blackie and The Runt call on Craddock. When he’s about to give them some information someone tosses a knife into his back. Outside Mr.Wong (Philip Ahn) is walking by. Blackie and The Runt go on another tour. This time they end up being pursued by the bad guys and of course Farraday and Matthews.

This entry was fun and worth checking out.

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