Massacre Time (1966)

massacre time 1966

Franco Nero is a one man wrecking crew in this minor entry from the spaghetti holster.Nothing different from all the others and you can tell the Leone touch is missing along with Clint and Van Cleef. The theme song is awful. Still it’s not all that bad thanks to the last twenty minutes of expected mayhem. Tchang Yu has a running gag as an elderly Chinaman who keeps quoting Confucius and getting Tom to pay for everything. He’s also the town blacksmith, undertaker and saloon piano player. He can also use his pipe as a blow gun.

Tom Corbett (Franco Nero) is in a camp where men are panning for gold. He gets an urgent message to get back home. He’s not told why. When he rides back he can’t help but notice the Scott brand is on everything, including the farm where he grew up.

The town is run by the psycho Junior Scott. A family is riding their wagon out of town. Junior wants to have some fun. One of his men asks the father why they’d leave a place where they buried their dead. He says they haven’t done that. Junior kills the mans’ son. So much for that theory.

Tom finds his brother Jeff (George Hilton) in a shack, drunk. With him is the family’s Indian servant Mercedes. Jeff tells him to leave town. Tom is determined to see Carradine, the family friend who sent the message.

That night in the saloon a drunken Jeff starts trouble while Tom looks on. Finally when the odds are against him Tom steps in. That makes Juniors’ men leave. Tom can’t understand why they leave him alone. Jeff knows but he’s not telling.

Tom finally gets to Carradine’s ranch. He’s having dinner with the family and tells Tom they have to talk outside. Junior and his men ride by and kill Carradine and then his whole family.

Tom goes to the Scott ranch. Junior grabs a whip and shows Tom he knows how to use it. Finally his father makes him stop and a bloody Tom rides off saying that he’ll be back.  In town Mercedes tells Tom to leave the Scotts’ alone. That’s when Junior rides by and kills Mercedes. This time Jeff sobers up and rides with Tom to the ranch.

They’re met by six guards. They won’t let them through. After Jeff kills them all the brothers ride on. They meet up with three more guards. They’re history. Next up is Scott Senior and some men. He tells Tom what’s going on. It won’t be long before the sky is filled with lead.

As totally unbelievable as the ending is it fits right in as you’ll root for the good guys.

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