London Belongs To Me (Dulcimer Street) (1948)

london belongs to me (dulcimer street) (1948)

The movie doesn’t know what it wants to be. It tries drama, suspense, murder, comedy and even psychics and mediums. It centers around a rooming house at number ten Dulcimer Street and the assorted characters that live there.

The house is run by Mrs. Vizzard, The tenants are Mr.and Mrs.Josser and their daughter Doris, the elderly Connie Coke, Percy Boon (Richard Attenborough) and his doting mother and the con man Mr.Squales (Alastair Sim). Dropping by to visit the Jossers is Uncle Henry who thinks the country is headed for war and nobody cares.

Percy makes a few pounds repainting and repairing a stolen car. He gets half the money up front. He steals the hood ornament and gives it to Doris as a Christmas present. Kay Walton, the cashier at an arcade digs him but he avoids her to spend time with Doris.

Connie Coke manages to keep from paying her rent and likes to sponge off the Jossers. She tells Percy she can get him into a club where she’s a hostess. He takes Doris there. Connie actually works in the cloak room. No matter. Percy and Doris do some dancing.

A man starts talking with Doris and seems to want to get her out of there. Turns out he’s a cop and leads a raid. Doris is taken to the police station while Percy, thanks to Connie, gets away. That doesn’t bode well for their relationship.

Percy is gypped out of the final payment for the job he did on the car. He decides he’ll steal one and make it over. He drives to the garage and when he comes back to the car after opening it, Kay is in the front seat. She wants a ride home. He says no but then a cop is making his rounds and he decides to take her.

Percy is nervous. A cop tries to flag him down as he approaches an accident scene. He blows right by him. Kay wants out. She grabs for the keys and the two have a shoving match. The door is defective and she falls out. He pulls over and goes to check on her. She’s dead. He puts the door handle in his pocket and goes home.

Meanwhile Mrs. Vizzer goes to a seance. The group’s guest medium has everyone’s attention except for one skeptic. When the lights are turned on Mrs.Vizzer recognizes Mr.Squales. Let the romance begin.

One night Mr.Squales sees Percy leaving carrying the door handle. Percy drops it in the river. He doesn’t know he’s being followed. A man from the seance group stops by to see Mrs.Vizzer. He tells her that Squales is a fake. There goes that future.

She tells him to get out. Squales pretends to go into a trance and predicts someone will be arrested for murder. Sure enough the cops nail Percy. Bad luck for Bill. He’s the cop who tries to warn Doris at the club and since started a relationship with her. This puts a real dent in it.

Now things take a comedic turn that is just dumb. Maybe there’s a good movie in here…somewhere. Too bad it all falls apart.


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