Gigantis,The Fire Monster (Godzilla Raids Again) (1955)

gigantis,the fire monster (godzilla rides again) 1955

This is the second entry in the Godzilla series and this time he, or at least a distant relative, has Osaka in his sights. An all Japanese cast. The American version has opening narration by Marvin Miller but that’s it for foreigners.

Shoichi Tsukioka is flying a scout plane for a fishing fleet when he spots a huge school of tuna, He’s about to return to base when he hears a distress call from his friend Kobayashi. He has engine trouble and has to put down on a small island.

Shoichi lands and while the two are having a few laughs…the party is crashed. Two prehistoric monsters are having a Pier Six brawl until they fall off a cliff into the ocean. They keep battling under water and that gives the pilots a chance to get out of there.

In Osaka they show scientists pictures of what they saw. One scientist says there’s nothing anyone can do and shows a film clip of “Godzilla” as he destroys Tokyo. The scientist who invented the oxygen destroyer that finally eliminated him died and didn’t leave a copy of the formula behind. They better think of something as Gigantis is headed for Osaksa.

The military is ready. Gigantis is spotted and made to turn around. The city celebrates and Shoichi and his girlfriend Hidemi go to a nightclub. While they dance the night away word comes that Gigantis is on his way back. Then those three words that are sure to cause a panic are spoken, “Please remain calm.” Osaka is under a blackout.

While that’s going on the most dangerous prisoners being transferred out of harms way escape. Three steal a truck. Shoichi is driving back after dropping his girlfriend off at her hilltop home and bringing her scientist father back to the city. The cops flag them down and chase the prisoners. They crash their truck into an oil tank. So much for the blackout as it explodes. That gets the attention of Giagantis who turns back.

Gigantis has his claws full as his adversary shows up and they battle through Osaka knocking down everything in sight. The military keeps firing but these two just aren’t paying attention. And then….We have a winner…We have a winner.

Now Shoichi and Kobayashi move to Hokkaido and continue scouting for a fishing fleet. They have a big reunion with members of their old air corps unit. Then word comes in that Gigantis isn’t done yet.

The final battle makes this one to see.


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2 Responses to Gigantis,The Fire Monster (Godzilla Raids Again) (1955)

  1. table9mutant says:

    You know, I don’t think I’ve ever seen a Godzilla movie…. (Except for the couple of horrible ones from recent years)

  2. vintage45 says:

    The first one was fun because…it was the first one. The version Japan sent to America had Raymond Burr plugged in as a reporter to make it more palatable for U.S. audiences. Can’t watch it without thinking of Godzilla by Blue Oyster Cult

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