Ford Theatre (The Ford Television Theatre) (1952-57)

ford theatre

A anthology series that went from radio to TV. In the beginning it was an hour and then went down to a half hour. It was a mixture of comedies and dramas.

May 13,1957 episode: “Fate Travels East” w/Craig Stevens, Allison Hayes, Sheb Wooley, Linda Darnell and Hank Patterson – Despite the good cast this was pretty dull. It takes place on a train going from L.A. to New York. Writer Ann Dean (Linda Darnell) overhears an argument between married actors Tag Bailey (Sheb Wooley) and Marion Abbott (Allison Hayes).

She meets Grady Oliver(Craig Stevens) who turns out to be Marion’s press agent. She was just in a movie based on one of Ann’s novels. Grady flirts with her and doesn’t get too far. Ann’s married and her husband is back home in California. She’s trying to put the finishing touches on her new book.

In the dining car she can’t help but see a father and daughter at the bar. The daughter is a lush and the father is trying to get her to stop. Grady comes in and sits down. He doesn’t notice a girl leave the car but Ann sees her and can’t help but spot how upset she is.

Ann drops papers from her briefcase and the conductor (Hank Patterson) helps her gather them up. After Ann leaves he sees another piece of paper. It’s a suicide note. He takes it to her and says she didn’t write it. The conductor wants to know who did and brings on a special agent at the next stop.

In the dining car Grady has a copy of the newspaper. There’s an article about Marion and Tag. Marion’s been keeping time with a Broadway producer. Of course Tag isn’t too happy about it. Ann keeps trying to find out who wrote the note. She has a lot of people to choose from. The ending is fast but does hold a little interest but not enough to have to sit through the first twenty-five minutes.

Sheb Wooley was famous for the huge 1958 hit “The Purple People Eater” and as Peter Nolan on “Rawhide” (1959-65). He also had a big success with Country fans singing novelty takes on popular C & W hits as Ben Colder.

Character actor Hank Patterson appeared everywhere. He’s best known as Fred Ziffel on “Petticoat Junction” (1963-66) and on “Green Acres” (1965-71).


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