The Shadow Returns (1946)

the shadow returns 1946

If this is an example of why he returned…he should have stayed away. Lame comedy mixed in with jewel thieves and murder.

Lamont Cranston aka/The Shadow (Kane Richmond) promises girlfriend Margo Lane (Barbara Read)  he’ll give up detective work and marry her. Hold on. He gets a call from a detective agency to watch as a man named Youmans is taking some jewels from a grave under the supervision of the cops. Also investigating the goings on are Lamont’s uncle, police commissioner J.R.Weston and Inspector Cardona. The Inspector blames The Shadow for everything and doesn’t like Lamont interfering with his cases…unless he solves them and gives him the credit.

Youmans recovers the jewels and then disappears into a nearby house. The place is owned by Michael Hasdon who also owns the jewels. A group is staying at the house because they want to buy them. The include export-importer Charles Frobay.

Lamont shows up as The Shadow and wants to ask Hasdon some questions. Before he can Hasdon falls off a balcony to his death. Thinking fast Lamont tosses his disguise to his chauffeur Shrevvie who is waiting outside. The inspector leaves the house and Lamont and Margo also leave. But The Shadow goes back and overhears a plan to eliminate Frobay from the syndicate.

Lamont and company go to Frobay’s warehouse and into his office. Frobay’s back is turned and that gives Lamont a chance to take a gem from his desk drawer. Back in the car there’s a dead body. He takes to the cops. In his apartment he investigates the gem and discovers it’s not a gem at all. In fact none of the jewels were gemstones.

Back at Hasdons’ the butler is killed when he falls over a balcony. Cardona blames The Shadow for the murders. Shrevvie drives Lamont and Margo to Frobays’ warehouse. Once again Lamont turns into The Shadow.

The movie is now a mix of action and more lame comedy….real lame. It’s only an hour but it’s still not worth spending time with.


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