Two’s Company (1975-79)

two's company

Sitcom with Elaine Stitch as American thriller writer Dorothy McNab and Donald Sinden as her butler Robert Hiller.The two work very well together and on occasion their acting overcomes some lame dialogue.

Opening episode: September 6,1975 – “The Bait” – Author Dorothy McNab moves to Chelsea from New York for a quieter atmosphere. Showing up is Robert Hiller who says he’s a butler,cook and handyman. He’s not too thrilled with Americans and she’s not all that enamored with the British.

They trade some barbs. He says he’s never read any of her books. He hands her his references. She says she’ll read them if he reads her reviews. She makes him a five pound bet that he can’t cook a decent meal. She does like the fact that he can walk around without making a sound. He doesn’t like it when she calls him Sneakers.

He gets the meal together and then she bets him he can’t make a decent cup of coffee. She’s impressed and offers him the job but he hesitates. They negotiate his salary and it takes a while but he finally accepts the position. She quickly finds out that he planned on taking the job from the beginning but just wanted to see how many concessions he could get.

The whole episode is just the two of them and it has its moments.

Elaine Stritch’s last role was Colleen Donaghy on “30 Rock” (2007-12)

David Sinden appeared in many TV shows. The most recent was Judge John Deed as Sir Joseph Channing (2001-07).


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