The Grand Duel (1972)

Lee Van Cleef as Sheriff Clayton

Lee Van Cleef as Sheriff Clayton

Spaghetti with an off and on sense of humor, a terrible soundtrack, lots of action and Lee Van Cleef. It’s uneven but but if you’re like me and are a Van Cleef fan it’s watchable.

The stage is carrying an uptight matron, two girls, an English undertaker and Sheriff Clayton (Lee Van Cleef). They stop outside Gila Bend where Philip Wermeer is holed up. He’s surrounded by bounty hunters led by Hole. They work for the Saxons. Clayton is there to arrest him. Philip escapes and is picked up on the road as they stop next at Silver Belle. Another narrow escape with the next stop Jefferson City where Clayton used to be the sheriff.

Philip was wrongly convicted of killing Ebeneezer Saxon, the patriarch of the family. Clayton knows who really did it and in his own way is protecting Philip. The Saxon Brothers, David the new patriarch, Adam and Eli the town sheriff control the town.

Some scenes seem tossed in just to get across how mean the brothers are. Eli is obsessed with finding out who killed their father. Philip wants to know who killed his father who held the location to a vein of silver.

The movie starts to develop certain plot lines like the humorous English undertaker in the wild west but drops it. That was probably a good thing. It does get pretty silly when David rants about getting a Saxon in the White House. There are way too many close ups that redefine the expression “in your face.” Still the presence of Van Cleef makes it all worthwhile.

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