The Larkins (1958-64)

the larkins

Sitcom about a family that includes a henpecked husband, his wife and their daughter and her G.I.husband who all live together. Sounds simple but it’s a good cast in a funny show.

Opening episode: September 19,1958: “Wide Open House” – It opens with Jeff Rogers (Ronan O’Casey) talking to viewers, explaining that he’s a G.I. who married Joyce Larkins (Ruth Trouncer) and now lives with his in-laws. Joyce comes out and says her father is stuck up a ladder.

Jeff goes to help. Alf Larkins (David Kosoff) is trying to hang a banner welcoming home his son Eddie from National Service. Alf’s loud mouth wife Ada (Peggy Mount) is giving instructions. A cord on the ladder broke and before Jeff can do anything Ada pulls a cord and Alf comes falling down.

In the kitchen neighbor Myrtle Prout is waiting for Eddie. Ada reluctantly invites her to a big bash she’s throwing for him. Outside the banner is finally up. The man who designed it comes by and that’s when Alf finds out how much it cost. Next a man comes over and says he’ll be there that night with a four piece band. More money going out.

Ada and Alf are arguing in the living room about money. Eddie comes into the kitchen. He gives Jeff, Joyce and Myrtle watches. He takes Myrtle into the broom closet. He just wanted to show her the luminous dial. Eddie goes into the living room but his parents are too busy arguing to notice him.

The party is on as Ada has invited half the neighborhood. Alf is assigned to answer the door. He tells Jeff he can’t wait until they run out of records for the gramophone. Just then a man from the record shop shows up with more. Alf misdirects him. He doesn’t get a break from the noise as the band shows up.

Eddie comes downstairs and gives Alf a break at the door. He opens it for the next guests. It’s two MP’s. He slams it closed. Then Jeff answers and says he lives there. Alf also keeps them out. Then Ada thinking they’re friends of Eddie brings them in to the party. There’s a nice bit coming.

A funny series that ran for forty episodes.

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