Mr.And Mrs.North (1942)

mr.and mrs.north 1942

Based on characters created by Richard and Frances Lockridge. The books all had a comedic element but nothing like Gracie brings to the movie based on a play. Throughout the movie Gracie is Gracie as she plays Pamela North. Jerry North is played by William Post,Jr.

Publisher Jerry returns from Boston and Pamela makes him stop by the apartment of Louis Berex (Tom Conway). Jerry doesn’t know it but Louis has been having an affair with sculptress Carol Brent and he wants Pamela to try and convince Carol’s husband Stanley to get a divorce.

When they finally get back to their apartment the superintendent tells Jerry there was a lot of noise in there the day before. He thinks it was Jerry and says his secret is safe with him. Jerry finds a gold compact on the floor. It’s not Pamela’s.

Then some friends drop by, patent attorney Stuart Blanton and Ben and Jane Wilson (Jerome Cowan and Virginia Grey). Ben spots the compact and pockets it. They leave and then Pamela opens the liquor closet and a body falls out. Coming over to investigate are Lt.Weigand and his associate Mullins. She gives them a silver compact and says that’s the one Jerry found.

Now Pam and Jerry have the place to themselves…almost. At the door is Fowler Brush man Talbot. Jerry chases him away until he says he couldn’t get into their apartment yesterday. A man inside wouldn’t open the door. At the mailbox Pamela finds the North name covered over with a card that says Blanton.

They go to a party at Blanton’s and he tells Pamela to take the card to the police. It’s later discovered that the murdered man is Carol’s husband Stanley. He was on opposite sides with Jerry in a plagiarism case a year or so ago.

As things progress look for Keye Luke as Blanton’s houseboy Kumi. There’s a running gag as Talbot gets a letter to appear at the D.A.’s office or else. He keeps trying but when he announces himself as a Fowler Brush salesman he isn’t given time to explain and keeps being thrown out of offices. The ditzy Pamela keeps confusing everybody so naturally she ends up solving the case.

I enjoyed the book series and the TV series (1952-54) with Richard Denning and Barbara Britton. I also liked this movie because I’m a Gracie fan. If you’re not you may find her manic comedy hard to take.



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2 Responses to Mr.And Mrs.North (1942)

  1. JO_Wass says:

    Do I remember correctly there was a TV series of Mr & Mrs North in the fifties, starring Creature from the Black Lagoon star Richard Denning?

  2. vintage45 says:

    The series ran from 1952-54 with Richard Denning and Barbara Britton

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