Oh No-It’s Selwyn Froggitt (1974-77)

oh no-it's selwyn froggit

Selwyn is a loud and very obnoxious character that never shuts up. He lives with his toothless mother and older brother Morris. He works for the council as a handyman and tries to impress everyone that he reads The Times. The character is so overbearing that it takes a lot of getting used to. Bill Maynard is the energetic Selwyn.
Pilot episode: September 30,1974 -” Oh No-It’s Selwyn Froggtt” – Selwyn annoys his brother Morris about how he wants a new job. He’s tired of working for the council and thinks he qualifies for a job digging the Channel Tunnel.
When he gets to work he barges in on the workers sitting quietly reading their papers. He can’t shut up and knocks the papers out of everyone’s hands. Then he goes to the personnel office to bother Newton and Sylvia. He thinks he belongs in management. He lies about his war experiences and has to keep backing down everytime Newton wants to make it all part of his record.
Selwyn’s big thing is a speech that night during a presentation to Nellie Black. Her husband died and the council wants to present her with a clock. The committee can’t stand Selwyn but keep him on because they need someone dumb. He can’t give his speech because Nellie is out playing bingo. Selwyn decides to get her and ruins her chance at a big win. When he brings her back for the presentation it’s another disaster.

The series ran for twenty-nine episodes. Bill Maynard really pulls it off and depending on your tolerance that can be a good or bad thing.


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