God Forgives…I Don’t! (Blood River) (1967)

god forgives...i don't! 1967

Another one of my favorite spaghetti westerns. A few comedic touches but nothing like Terence Hill’s soon to come Trinity series. In this one Hill is paired up with frequent co-star Bud Spencer as they go after a hundred thousand dollars in gold stolen from a train.

A train is pulling into Canyon City and the town is waiting at the station. When it stops they discover that everyone aboard, passengers and crew, are all dead. The hundred thousand dollars in gold coins are missing.

Insurance investigator Hutch Bessy (Bud Spencer) tracks down Cat “Pretty Face” Stevens who supposedly killed the only outlaw who could have masterminded the robbery.His name is Bill San Antonio (Frank Wolff). Hutch says one passenger lived long enough to give him some details. While Hutch gets some shut eye Cat recalls that fateful night.

Cat wants the gold for himself and gets Bill into a poker game. Bill accuses him of cheating. He tells his henchman Bud to give Cat a gun. Then he tells his gang to clear out and set the place on fire leaving him inside with Cat. He tells him he has a large gang that will take care of him if he wins. Everyone waits outside as the place burns. Cat guns Bill down and rides off.

The next morning Cat takes Hutch’s horse twenty miles away and leaves it with a rancher. He tells him to give it to him after his twenty mile walk. Cat looks up saloon girl Rose to get details on what happened after the gunfight. She says Bill was given the funeral he wanted. It included a New Orleans Jazz band. After the funeral Bud leads everyone to the cave where the gold is stashed so they all get their share. Imagine their surprise to find out it’s gone. They blame Cat.

Cat doesn’t believe that Bill’s dead. The coffin maker says the body was badly burned and he didn’t recognize who it was. Along the way Cat guns down a lot of Bill’s gang. Bill’s gun is also occupied as he shoots anyone who sees him.

Cat comes across more of Bill’s gang and ends up in a trap and hanging from the ceiling. As he’s being used as a pinata Hutch comes in and kills everyone and gets him down. Cat takes him to a back room and there’s the chest of gold. He forces the big man to carry it on his back to a buckboard. Knowing they can’t get too far with it they stop and bury it and then head for the river.

Hutch and Cat end up duking it out and then are captured by Bill’s gang. They’re not surprised to find an alive and well Bill. He wants to know where the gold is buried and instructs his gang to use fire and water to get them to talk. Let the mayhem begin. It leads to a great showdown. If this is your favorite kind of western, don’t miss this one.


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