Seven Keys To Baldpate (1935)

seven keys to baldpate 1935

Comedy crime movie based on a novel by Charlie Chan creator Earl Derr Biggers. A novelist has a bet that he can write a book in twenty-four hours. He goes to a closed for the winter resort in upstate New York for some peace and quiet. It doesn’t turn out that way.

Bill Magee (Gene Raymond) arrives at the small train station and the only occupants are a crying woman and the ticket clerk (Walter Brennen). He tries to console the woman but she’s not having any. Magee leaves and goes to Baldpate. The caretakers tell him he has the only key.

He settles down in his room with his typewriter when he hears someone come in with a key. He’s a gangster named Bland. He makes a phone call and then puts an envelope in the safe. He catches Magee and pulls a gun on him. Magee tricks him and locks him in a room.

Magee goes to call the police when in comes the woman from the train station. She has a key. She says her name is Mary Norton and her agent said it would be good for her acting career if she mysteriously disappeared for a while. She also hung the phone up before the police answered.

She screamed before coming in because she saw a man jump out of a window. It was Bland. Next in with a key is professor Boulton who says he needed a quiet place to prepare exams.  Another arrival is the local hermit Peters. He says he has the original key. He tells Magee he’s a writer too. He’s been working the past seven years on a book about how women are the cause of all problems.

People keep showing up. There’s Mrs.Hayden who says she and her husband are the victims of a jewel robbery, Jim Corgan, a private detective who is trying to get two hundred thousand dollars from Mr.Hayden for recovering the jewels and Mr.Hayden and a gangster named Monk all enter.

Magee is really confused after he spies the professor and then Mary trying to open the safe. They can’t do it. Mary shows Magee a secret passage in the hotel. Now Mr.Hayden opens the safe and get the envelope full of money.

The rest of the movie has different people getting the envelope and hiding from everyone else. Cargan tries to double cross everyone and keep it all for himself. No one is who they seem.

This is real light entertainment that’s typical of the eras’ comedy-mystery-crime genre. It’s nothing special that stands out among the pack of similar movies and is a time passer but nothing to search for when there are so many other better movies around.

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