Twist Collection-John Zacherley


His name was spelled with and without a “Y”. He was famous in Philadelphia for hosting “Shock Theater” (1957-58) on WCAU-TV,channel 10. His character’s name was Roland. He’s credited with starting the practice of interrupting the movie with comedy bits. When he moved to New York and took the name,”The Cool Ghoul” the “Y” was added to his last name. He died last week at age 98.

01. Happy Halloween [0:02:25.42]
02. Let’s Twist Again [0:02:18.72]
03. Monster Monkey [0:02:10.26]
04. Dinner With Drac [0:02:53.45]
05. Come With Me To Transylvania [0:02:43.43]
06. Monster Mash [0:02:53.59]
07. Pistol Stomp [0:02:26.65]
08. Weird Watusi [0:02:26.50]
09. Dummy Doll [0:02:22.66]
10. I Was A Teenage Caveman [0:02:37.71]
11. Monsters Have Problems, Too [0:01:53.15]
12. Limb From Limbo Rock [0:02:26.25]
13. Franc And Drac Are Back [0:02:40.34]
14. Lunch With Monster Goose [0:02:47.40]
15. Hello, Dolly [0:02:38.00]
16. A Ticket, A Casket [0:02:20.33]
17. I’m The Ghoul From Wolverton Mountain [0:02:15.49]
18. Ring A Ding Aurangotang [0:01:53.74]
19. Popeye [0:02:12.36]
20. A-B-C [0:02:20.32]
21. Eighty Two Tombstones [0:02:12.08]
22. Surfboard [0:02:28.74]
23. Dear Dear Valentine [0:02:02.18]
24. Gravy [0:02:07.38]
25. Baying At The Moon [0:02:20.55]
26. The Bat [0:02:34.42]
27. Scarey Tales From Mother Goose [0:01:53.64]
28. A Sure Sign Of Spring [0:02:29.18]
29. Coolest Little Monster [0:02:32.45]
30. Clementine [0:02:26.04]
31. The Spider & The Fly [0:01:49.61]
32. Igor [0:02:52.48]
33. Transylvania P.T.A. [0:0247)

John Zacherle September 26,1918-October 27,2016

John Zacherle- September 26,1918-October 27,2016


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