Parlor,Bedroom And Bath (1931)

parlor,bedroom and bath 1931

Lots of slapstick, sight gags and of course plenty of physical comedy as Buster Keaton plays a reluctant Casanova so a man can marry his girlfriend.

Jeffrey Hayward (Reginald Denny) wants to marry Virginia Embrey but she won’t do it until her sister Angelica gets married first. She has offers but no one excites her. Outside the Embrey mansion Reginald Winter (Buster Keaton) is trying to hang a sign on a phone pole but can’t keep his eyes off of Angelica.

Jeffrey is driving along and a distracted Reggie walks in front of the car. Jeffrey carries him inside so a doctor can treat him. Jeffrey gets the bright idea to fix him up with Angelica. Since she’s a snob Jeffrey pretends that Reggie was the cause of a lot of divorces in London and Paris and a real lover boy. Reggie doesn’t have a clue about how to act the part.

Jeffrey pays women to come into the house and make a big fuss over him. Then he thinks Reggie will be more appealing to Angelica is he has an affair. He tells him he’ll get a woman to go to a hotel with him and they can register as Mr.and Mrs. Smith and then get caught by Angelica. He gives him a lot of tips about what kind of food to order and things to say that women fall for. Reggie writes it all down. Jeffrey gets gossip columnist Polly Hathaway (Charlotte Greenwood) to agree to be the woman.

Outside Fred and Nita Leslie are having their usual fight. She’s tired of always being alone while he’s away on business. Reggie walks outside with a suitcase and some golf clubs. He spots an upset Nita who is all alone and thinks she’s the woman he’s supposed to take to the hotel. They head off in her car as Fred comes back and watches them drive off. He’s told they’re eloping.

There are sight gags galore before they finally get to the hotel suite. Now the physical comedy goes into high gear. Reggie tries to act on what Jeffrey told him and Nita locks herself in the connecting bedroom. Now Polly bursts in and gets Reggie to rehearse. The two of them go through a long routine with lots of pratfalls etc. Through it all a bellhop (Cliff “Ukulele Ike” Edwards) keeps walking in at the wrong times.

Now Jeffrey comes in and realizes that Reggie spoiled his scheme and he warns him that Fred is on his way and he’s got a gun. More women as Angelica’s friend Leila gets involved as Reggie makes his moves.

Keaton is a master as physical comedy and despite the super thin storyline and gags that may not be for everybody it’s still an education watching a master at work.




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