Clarence (1988)


Ronnie Barker stars as the nearsighted moving man Clarence Sale. No surprise that the six episode series is loaded with….sight gags. There are also a lot of good lines from Barker. They don’t come so fast and furious so you can laugh and not miss the next one. The series takes place in 1937. Josephine Tewson co-stars as Clarence’s girlfriend Jane Travers.

Opening episode: January 4,1988 – It’s May 12,1937, Coronation Day for George VI. Clarence and his partner are supposed to move furniture for a snobbish woman and her daughter Angela. Angela’s fiancee Geoffrey dumped her so they’re moving. It’s the last day of work for their maid Jane Travers. Clarence’s partner decides to watch the parade and leaves Clarence on his own to start the job. Down the street the neighborhood kids are building a bonfire for the celebration.

Clarence goes upstairs and the gags begin. Once the mother leaves Clarence’s first action is to pick up Angela. He thinks she’s a floor lamp. When he puts her down she runs into her room. She’s determined not to leave until she hears from Geoffrey.

Now the packing of smsll items begins and here come the sight gags as Clarence breaks things and even packs the telephone while Jane tries her best to help out. Clarence thinks he resembles various movie stars and tries to impress Jane. The two are starting to  hit it off.

The phone rings and Angela runs out. She can’t find it and Clarence has to unpack it. It’s still ringing when he finally pulls it out but he breaks the wire. Angela runs back into her room. Time for the furniture. Clarence goes into Angela’s room. She’s lying on the floor in front of the gas fireplace trying to kill herself. Clarence trips over her.

He and Jane finally get everything outside and go back upstairs to sit around and talk. They don’t know the kids think it’s junk and add it to the bonfire. Clarence and Jane get even closer. When Jane goes into another room to get her suitcase Angela walks out. Mistaking her for Jane, Clarence asks her to marry him. That doesn’t go over so well with Angela.

Angela tells Jane what happened. Jane realizes Clarence was actually asking her. The series continues as the two move into a cottage together.

Among other series Ronnie Barker starred in the vastly popular, “The Two Ronnies” (1971-87)

clarence-ronnie barker




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