Raffles (1930)

raffles 1930

Thorougly enjoyable film that does justice to the series created by E.W.Hornung. I’ve read a lot of the stories and was glad to see the movie turn out so well.

A.J.Raffles (Ronald Coleman) drives Scotland Yard crazy as The Amateur Cracksman. He has money of his own but he just likes to steal jewelry. During his latest robbery he leaves a note saying it’s his last job.

The next night he’s at a nightclub with his girlfriend Gwen (Kay Francis). Also there is Lord Melrose. Back at Raffle’s place his friend Bunny is all upset and tells the butler he’ll wait. At the club Raffles and Gwen become engaged. When the cab drops him off at home he gives Gwen the bracelet he stole the night before.

Inside he can’t find Bunny. He’s in another room with the gas turned on. Raffles gets him out of it and Bunny says he wrote a bad check for a thousand pounds to cover gambling debts. He has two days to make the check good. In order to help his friend Raffles will do one more job. Bunny doesn’t have a clue about his friends’ double life.

Raffles sees a picture in the paper of Lady Melrose wearing a diamond necklace. Bunny is headed there for the weekend and Raffles joins him. Near the house a trio of thieves led by Cranshaw are together in a pub and make plans to rob the necklace.

Coming to the house is Inspector McKenzie of Scotland Yard who got wind of the gang’s plans. Lord Melrose shows him the security system and sets off the alarm. That panics Lady Melrose and she has Raffles escort her upstairs. He advises her to wear the necklace while she sleeps because that’s where it will be safe.

Outside McKenzie tells Raffles that he’ll reel in The Amateur Cracksman like a fish. Raffles walks around and overhears Cranshaw and his pals. Back inside he watches as Cranshaw climbs in a window and gets the necklace from the sleeping Lady Melrose. Raffles catches him and takes the necklace from him.

Raffles says he’ll help him escape. He finds the window closed. He doesn’t know McKenzie did it. When he opens it the alarm goes off. Cranshaw is caught. He points the finger at Raffles and says he’ll see him later and is carted off to jail. Before all this Raffles is surprised to see Gwen show up.

When McKenzie starts asking questions Raffles gives Gwen a high sign not to say anything. Raffles realizes he can’t change his ways and breaks their engagement. He leaves for London and Gwen overhears McKenzie making plans to nab Raffles.

In London Gwen rushes to Raffles place and tells him what she overheard. Now she knows all about him but will stick by him. Good thing because his next visitor is McKenzie. He looks around because he knows he’s almost got his man. Outside Cranshaw is trying to break in.

No spoilers. I don’t want to ruin the fun. This is absolutely one to search out for a good time at the movies.


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