I Didn’t Know You Cared (1975-79)

i didn't know you cared

Hilarious sitcom about a family in a working class section of South Yorkshire. It’s also a chance to see Stephen Rea before he became a big star. In this series he plays Carter Brandon, the son of Annie (Liz Smith) and Les. Robin Bailey is his Uncle Mort. As the series progressed  Some characters were played by different actors.

Opening episode: August 27,1975 – “Cause For Celebration” – Mort’s wife Edna died when she fell off a trolley. The episode opens at her gravesite. Mort keeps hoping it’s over soon so he can get the latest football scores.

It’s back home for the funeral tea. Along with Mort the party consists of Annie and Les, Carter and his girlfriend Pat, three  Great maiden aunts and the senile Uncle Staveley. He carries around a box of ashes that used to be a corporal from World War One.

Aunt Maud (Beatrix Mackey) leads the conversation. Among her many thoughts…She hopes Pat doesn’t give a big bust. Then she says grace and it looks like she’ll never stop. Then the three aunts decide to sing. They do that at weddings and funerals. The whole sequence is very funny.

Les is in another room reading the paper. Annie comes in and says funerals always make her feel turned on. She wants a second honeymoon. Les isn’t interested even when she tries to relive their honeymoon night from twenty-five years ago.

In the kitchen Pat and Carter are doing the dishes. She keeps asking him why he never proposes. She keeps coming up with days he can ask her. One excuse is he’ll be too busy playing darts.

Mort and Les take a walk to Mort’s allotment. They have a bizarre conversation about women, sheep dogs and marriage. Then Carter runs in and says the women are looking for them. Here they come singing m”Onward Christian Soldiers.”

They have a great idea for Mort. It’s the last thing he’s interested in. Then they force Carter to finally propose to Pat.

It wouldn’t be fair to go over the jokes etc. Just watch it and have fun.

Steven Rea hit it big as Fergus in 1992’s “The Crying Game.”


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