Midnight Club (1933)

midnight club 1933

Enjoyable movie about a clever gang of jewels thieves in London. George Raft is the American detective assigned to bring them down. It’s based on a book by E.Phillips Oppenheim and the screenplay was co-written by Leslie Charteris, creator of Simon Templar aka/The Saint.

A gang headed by Colin Grant (Clive Brook) works out of the Midnight Club. Other members are Iris Whitney (Helen Vinson), Arthur Bradley (Alan Mowbray) and George Reubens (Ferdinand Gottschalk).

Scotland Yard Commissioner Hope assigns two detectives to hang out in the club and keep an eye on them. He’s been after Grant for years. Thanks to trained doubles the gang pulls off a robbery at a jewelry store. The two detectives tell Hope that Grant and his friends haven’t left the club all night.

Iris is driving home when out of the back seat pops Nick Mason (George Raft). He makes her drive to his place. Inside he tells her to take off her dress because he knows that’s where she’s hiding the gems from the heist.

The next robbery attempt is the safe of flighty Lady Barrett-Smythe. Grant is shown her safe and then closes the door to the room and has dinner with her. Iris is there to steal the jewels from the safe. She didn’t count on Nick being there.

Nick puts the jewelry in a box addressed to himself and puts it on a table with the outgoing mail. He doesn’t know that Grant discovered his tactic. Nick is taken for a ride by Arthur and Iris. She returns the search favor and leaves him standing in his boxers.

Nick tells Commissioner Hope he’ll convince the gang to take him in. At his apartment Grant shows up when the box is delivered. Inside are nuts. They have a good laugh at Nick’s expense. Grant agrees to let him join the gang as long as he remembers that Grant’s the boss.

Their next target is the emerald necklace of a Duchess. After a signal the lights go out and the Duchess hands Nick the necklace without anyone noticing. Then she screams she’s been robbed.. He gets it to Grant. The gang thinks he pulled it off. Nick is starting to get sweet on Iris and it looks like she’s returning the favor.

Grant is convinced about Nick and shows him how they smuggle the jewels to America. Nick is in solid….But then…..

This is one of the better early George Raft movies and is well worth checking out.


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