Night After Night (1932)

night after night 1932

Bland movie but one to see because it’s the screen debut of Mae West. She just takes over.

Former boxer Joe Anton buys a New York mansion and turns it into a classy speakeasy. His best friend Leo (Roscoe Karnes) manages the place. Joe wants to learn how to be a gentleman by speaking properly and having intelligent conversations. He’s tutored by Miss Mabel Jellyman (Alison Skipworth).

Joe is intrigued by a woman who has been coming in and sitting by herself. He finally approaches her. She’s Jerry Healy (Constance Cummings) and her family used to own the house. She and Joe are having a nice talk when Mr.Bolton comes over. He’s a good customer and it’s all friendly. Joe leaves and Bolton and Jerry talk about the time she dumped him rather than marry him. He still thinks she’ll change her mind.

Joe’s girlfriend Iris is jealous and says she’s not giving him up. Joe arranges dinner at the club with Jerry and invites Mabel along so he won’t look foolish. Jerry has a slight grin as Joe goes through the motions while Mabel leads him through conversation. Turning things upside down is the entrance of Joe’s former girlfreind Maudie Triplett (Mae West). It leads to a very funny scene. Mabel is starting to get wasted.

Joe gets a visit from gangster Frankie Guard. He’s not happy that Joe is taking away business and offers fifty grand to buy him out. Joe says two hundred fifty grand and it’s a deal.

Joe is giving Jerry a tour of her old house when a jealous Iris barges in. Joe had told Leo to toss her out but she said she wouldn’t cause trouble. In a rage that Joe is with Jerry she pulls a gun. She says she’ll count ten and then shoot Joe. He tricks her and grabs the gun. Now Leo is going to toss her out. This turns Jerry on and she kisses Joe and leaves. Later an excited Joe agrees to sell to Frankie for two hundred grand.

The next day Mabel and Maudie are sharing a room. Mabel has a bad hangover. Maudie says she’d be perfect in her business. Mabel thinks she’s a hooker. More fun with Mae West.

Joe is frantic to get in touch with Jerry and finally finds out where she lives and goes over. Things don’t go like he thought. Now he tells Frankie he changed his mind about selling. Trouble is on the way. It all comes to a quick ending that seems rushed. If it wasn’t for Mae West this would be one to skip.



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